Busia County

Busia County (until 2010 Busia District ) is a county in the Kenyan province of Western. The capital of the county is Busia. Busia borders the same district in Uganda and Lake Victoria. In the south of the county, the Yala swamp and the Samia Hills are located. In Busia corn, coffee and sugar cane are mainly grown. On the shores of Lake Victoria, the people live on fishing.


Busia County is divided into six divisions. There are five election districts, Budalangi, Amagoro, Nambale, Butula and Funyula. Under the Constitution of 2010, the districts Bunyala, Busia, Samia, Teso North and Teso South were united under the new name of Busia County.


In the county in 2009 were six hospitals with a total of 468 beds. The Diocese of Bungoma the Catholic Church maintains in Busia several primary schools, nursing schools and a nursing home. In Funyala there is a children's home in Butula a school for the physically disabled. In 2007 there were 27 secondary schools in the county with a total of over 5700 students.


Busia County is part of the Bungoma diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. In addition to the Catholic communities, there are, among others, in Butula, Funyula and Port Victoria Methodist churches.