Tana River County

Tana River County (until 2010 Tana River District ) is a county located in the Coast Province of Kenya. The capital of the county is Hola. In Tana River County 2009 240.075 people lived on 35375.8 km ². Divided the district into seven divisions: Garsen, Kipini, Wenje, Galole, Bura, Madogo and Bangale. The eponymous Tana River flows through the county and terminates at the Ungwana Bay in the Indian Ocean. Tana River County has 55 km of coastline, which is touristy available.


In 2005, the road network was in Tana River County in a poorly developed state. In addition to 534 km asphalt road crossed gravel and earth roads the County. In addition to six post offices and three financial institutions there were 57 health care facilities in the county.


In the river delta of the Tana River rice, bananas, mangoes, black-eyed peas, coconuts, cotton, and soybeans are grown. Apart from agriculture, the inhabitants breed cattle, thereby mainly cows, sheep and goats. On the coast and in the Tana River fishing also takes place. More than two- thirds of the population lives below the poverty line.

Tana River Primate Reserve

The Tana River Primate Reserve was established in 1976 to protect two there endemic primate species, the Tana Mangabe and the Tana red colobus. In addition to Grevy's zebras, Maasai giraffe, buffalo and kudu live there 200 species of birds including Mohrenklaffschnabel, martial eagle, Fledermausaar and the Cape pygmy.