Turkana County

Turkana County (until 2010 Turkana District ) is a county in the Kenyan Rift Valley Province. The capital of the county is Lodwar. Turkana is the northwesternmost county in Kenya. The county is bordered by Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia and to the west shore of Lake Turkana. From a Kenyan perspective, lying in the far north Ilemi Triangle is part of the County ( divisions Lokichogio and Lokitaung ). Turkana is the largest county by area in Kenya. Only 1.5% of households are connected to the power supply. 70 % of the population live as nomads.


The county is divided into councils and divisions. There are three electoral districts: Turkana North, Turkana Central and Turkana South.


The Turkana County is part of the Diocese of Lodwar the Roman Catholic Church. Of the 450,000 inhabitants are nearly 106,000 people Catholic faith.