West Pokot County

West Pokot County ( West Pokot District until 2010 ) is a county in the Kenyan Rift Valley Province. The capital of the county is Kapenguria. In County 2009 512.690 people lived on 8418.2 km ². West Pokot is bordered to the west by Uganda. The people live mainly from agriculture, nearly 14 % of the land area is arable, forests account for 3.8% of Countygebietes one. Crops are maize, beans and sorghum. In West Pokot County is the Turkwel Dam.


2003, there were 250 primary schools and 15 secondary schools in West Pokot, whose building is partly were in a very bad condition. 2006 the number of primary schools had increased to 304, the number of secondary schools on 26th All Primary Schools took part in a school feeding program.

Health service

Medical care in the West Pokot County is bad, there are only two hospitals. In Kapenguria the Kapenguria County Hospital is in Ortum a company founded in 1956 by the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary of the Diocese of Cork and Ross mission hospital with nursing school. The 125 - bed hospital is run by the Diocese of Kitale.


The county is divided into councils and divisions. There are three electoral districts, Kacheliba, Kapenguria and Sigor. Under the Constitution of 2010, the districts Pokot Central, Pokot North and West Pokot were united under the new name of West Pokot County.