Migori County

Migori County (until 2010 Migori District ) is a county in the province of Nyanza in Kenya. The Countyhauptstadt is Migori. 2009 lived in the County 917 170 people on 2586.4 km ². 58 % of the population lived in 2000 below the poverty line.


The Migori County is divided into eight divisions: Uriri, Rongo, Awendo, Nyatike, Karungu, Muhuru, Suba Suba East and West. There are five constituencies: Rongo, Migori, Uriri, Nyatike and Kuria. Under the Constitution of 2010, the districts Kuria East, West Kuria, Migori and Rongo were united under the new name of Migori County.


Most people in Migori County living from agriculture. There are mainly cultivated corn, sugar cane, cassava and tobacco. The layer nearest to the County Victoria Lake allows fishing and fish processing. In Migori County are also gold and copper mines.


The Migori County decreed in 2005 more than 410 primary schools and 44 secondary schools. The enrollment rate was 91 %.

Health service

The county has five hospitals and six health centers. One doctor for 52,200 patients. There are mainly malaria, respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases treated. The HIV prevalence rate is approximately 30 % among the highest in the province of Nyanza. In the hospitals in the county 60% of patients on average are HIV positive or suffering from AIDS. 1999 48 people and 2005, over 60 people died in the hospital a monthly average of 36 people in 2000 to HIV / AIDS -associated illnesses. The infant mortality rate in 2000 was 13.7%, 21.3 % of children die before their 5th birthday.