Marsabit County

Marsabit County ' (until 2010 Marsabit District ) is a county in the province of Eastern in Kenya. The capital is Marsabit. In County 2009 291.166 people lived on 66923.1 km ². By 1995, the Marsabit County and the Moyale District formed a district. The Marsabit County is named after the Turkana County is the second largest county in Kenya and occupies more than 10 % of the area of the entire country a. To the west of the County adjacent to Lake Turkana. Marsabit County is divided into the divisions of Central, Gadamoji, Laisamis, Maikona, Loiyangalani and North Horr. At Mount Marsabit 1,550 km ² Marsabit National Park is located.

The climate is arid in the district, only 10 % of the area is considered suitable for agriculture. In 2003, 45 % of the population were below the poverty line, 90 % of the population has no access to clean water. More than 80 % of the population are of reading and writing do not speak.


The people in Marsabit County live mainly by livestock. Here zebu, goats and sheep are bred mainly. Beans and grains are grown on the few arable land next to corn, also coffee beans, Kath and legumes. At Lake Turkana fishing is done.

Health service

The district has the Marsabit County Hospital with 86 beds in the capital of Marsabit. More than 20% of children were underweight in 2003, 8.6 % of children die before their 5th birthday.