Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film)

  • Jane Russell: Dorothy Shaw
  • Marilyn Monroe: Lorelei Lee
  • Charles Coburn: Sir Francis Beekman
  • Elliott Reid: Ernie Malone
  • Tommy Noonan: Gus Esmond Jr.
  • George Winslow: Henry Spofford III
  • Marcel Dalio: Mayor
  • Taylor Holmes: Gus Esmond sr.
  • Norma Varden: Lady Beekman
  • Howard Wendell Watson
  • Alex Frazer: Pritchard
  • Steven Geray: Hotel Manager

Blondes preferred an American comedy film directed by Howard Hawks from the year 1953. It is based on the musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Jule Styne of based on the novel by Anita Loos.


Dorothy and Lorelei are two attractive showgirls. While Dorothy does not make a lot of money, Lorelei is set very materialistic. The two to travel by ship to Europe, where Lorelei intends to marry the rich Gus. The father of Gus has to have them set it apart suspected only on the money of his son and lets them observe on the ocean liner by Ernie Malone. The turn falls in love with Dorothy, who is not averse. Lorelei makes the acquaintance of Sir Francis Beekman. After Malone has them and Beekman photographed in a compromising situation, Lorelei and Dorothy Malone put a stiff drink, mixed with sleeping pills, incapacitate him and peep the photos again. Lorelei is the story with the photos Beekman opposite is so, as Malone did want him to compromise himself with it. To thank Beekman gives her the diadem of his wife. Later, he takes it without knowledge of Lorelei regain possession.

In Paris arrived, Dorothy and Lorelei find that Gus' father has locked them all money letters after Malone had details of Lorelei's behavior on the ship told him. And so the two have to earn a living again as showgirls. In addition, Lorelei must in court. Beekmans wife believes her husband had not given away the diadem, it was rather stolen by Lorelei. While Lorelei tries to convince her Gus that she has been faithful to the sea to him, Dorothy appears dressed as Lorelei at a court hearing. There they generate some confusion and gives Malone in her testimony to understand indirectly that she loves him. Malone returned the favor by not reveal her true identity and Beekman pulls in court. In fact, the diadem at Beekman is found. The judge he finally confesses to have taken the diadem without knowledge of Lorelei regain possession. Meanwhile, he manages to convince her that she is the right game Lorelei, Gus and especially his father of it. Asks the father if he himself because, if he had a daughter, would not want her to marry a rich man. Gus' father is impressed and admits that she had more sense than he would have given her credit for. Lorelei replies, they 've Mind. Since men but not women with too much mind want, but they use it only "when the going gets tough ." Finally, a double wedding is celebrated. Lorelei can finally marry Gus and Dorothy their Ernie.


  • The most successful song Diamonds Are a Girl 's Best Friend (composed by Leo Robin and Jule Styne ) is often copied and reproduced, Baz Luhrmann film, for example, in Moulin Rouge. The American Film Institute chose the song at number 12 of the 100 best American film songs.
  • In 1955 a sequel Gentlemen Marry Brunettes under the title, which was released in Germany under the title So you love in Paris. Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain play starring the daughters of Dorothy Shaw. The film's title refers to the novel Gentlemen Marry Brunettes by Anita But Loos, but with the plot of the novel nothing in common.
  • The scene included in the Marilyn Monroe in the cabin, then tried to climb through the porthole and get stuck in it, contains various allusions to the Peter Pan film adaptation of the Disney studios in the same year. The blonde fairy Tinkerbell acts here like in the early scenes. Nevertheless, the little cartoon character not Marilyn Monroe is modeled, but Margaret Kerry.



" Careful staging, two attractive stars and a few unforgettable music-hall songs. In addition to pure entertainment, but also angry critique of materialism. "

"This is anything but cynical and amiable conversation. , It is an evil, intelligent and relentless work"

"With Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, who bring to the quake in this gaudy Technicolor production all that makes the film version of Gentlemen prefer blondes the hot weather even hotter. A film in which these two bright pin -up girls appear together, as the double use in a sure-fire bet, and you will be rewarded as well with a huge musical. To the girls around there are men and musical, and director Howard Hawks has seen to it that a certain something is not lacking in their gear. Whether you sing, dance or just simply stare at diamonds now - these girls are irresistible, and her musical is so sparkling like fireworks ... Miss Monroe looks again as if they would glow in the dark, and her portrayal of the blonde with the innocence face, their eyes wide open with diamonds and close while kissing can make one not only laugh but also pretty sweat. Miss Russell is a Juno in nylon stockings and has the hang of it, to be distributed by immovable countenance sarcastic tips. They work great together both in the songs and in the men hunt. Miss Russell traverses the floor with long strides, while Miss Monroe casual dahinschlendert, but somehow they fell still the same. "