Gerd Binnig

Gerd Binnig Charles ( born July 20, 1947 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German physicist and Nobel laureate.


1966 Gerd Binnig completed his high school education at the Rudolf Koch school in Offenbach am Main. He received his Ph.D. in 1978 in physics " tunneling spectroscopy of superconducting (SN ) x " at the Johann -Wolfgang- Goethe- University Frankfurt am Main.

Binnig developed with the Swiss Heinrich Rohrer at the IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich in 1981, the scanning tunneling microscope. In 1983 he received the Otto Klung prize for best young German scientists in physics.

In 1986, Binnig and Rohrer together with Ernst Ruska received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of the scanning tunneling microscope. Prof. Dr. Gerd Binnig then developed the atomic force microscope.

In 1994 he founded the company Delphi2 Creative Technologies GmbH, which was later renamed Definiens GmbH, today Definiens AG, headquartered in Munich. From it the Definiens Imaging GmbH emerged that adduced by eCognition success in object-based image classification with the software.

Awards and honors

Works (selection)

  • Patent CH643397: Scanning apparatus for surface analysis using vacuum - tunnel effect at cryogenic temperatures applications ( device for grid-like surface investigation by taking advantage of the vacuum tunneling effect at cryogenic temperatures). Remember September 20, 1979 Applicant: IBM, inventor Gerd Binnig, Heinrich Rohrer.
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