Gerry Ryan

Gerard " Gerry " Ryan ( Irish: Gearóid Ó Riain, born June 4, 1956 in Dublin, † April 30, 2010 ) was an Irish radio and television presenter.


Ryan's father Vinnie was a dentist and his mother Maureen worked in the theater. After his compulsory education at St. Paul 's College, Raheny he attended Trinity College in Dublin, where he successfully completed a course of study in law.

Ryan began his radio career in 1979 at RTÉ. He made his name as a DJ at the newly established Radio 2, which is known under the name 2FM today. His morning talk show, The Gerry Ryan Show went for the first time in March 1988 on the airwaves. The international television audience, he became known in 1994 when he worked as a co- presenter at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Dublin. His TV show Ryan Confidential, in which he principally in Ireland interviewed celebrities is 2008 already aired in the sixth season. All other programs were not as successful and could never reach the level of awareness of his radio show and were hired. Come in for criticism is Gerry in recent years due to its high salaries. Only in July 2007, he RTÉ a new five -year contract for € 600,000 per year was offered.

Ryan was the father of five children. In 2008, he told his wife Morah and the separation of their existing since 26 years of marriage.

On April 30, 2010 Ryan was found dead in his apartment in Dublin.

The Gerry Ryan Show

She belonged with nearly 400,000 daily listeners to the most listened to radio broadcasts of Ireland. It was aired each Monday through Friday mornings from 9:00 bis 12:00 clock. The end of the program was always the same. At the beginning of the program Ryan informed the audience about the current hot topics of the main Irish newspapers. Then the listeners had the opportunity during the first two hours to call directly into the program and to comment on one of the main topics or for something completely different. Often, SMS polls were conducted on a topic. An integral part of his mission was the comedy series Nob Nation, which parodied the everyday life of Ireland. This was produced by the Irish comedian Oliver Callan. It was also the Irish government leader, the Taoiseach, caricatured. The listener had the opportunity to download Nob Nation from the website of Gerry Ryan show and via podcast.

During the year again found special events held as part of the show. An event was in 2008, for example, the operation transformation in which Gerry gave birth to six volunteers to decrease and to get a little fitter. The listeners were able to monitor the success of each candidate. Action was accompanied by experts who shared their advice to listeners.

The last hour of the broadcast moderated Ryan alone. At this hour there was, inter alia, interviews, book reviews, wine tasting.

The last Gerry Ryan Show was broadcast on 4 May 2010 as a special mission to Ryan's death. It was chaired by Gerry's "Outside reporter " Evelyn O'Rourke.

On 10 June 2010 RTE notified with effect from August 2010 Ryan Tubridy as the successor to Gerry Ryan.