Greg Rusedski

Gregory " Greg" Rusedski ( born September 6, 1973 in Montreal, Canada) is a former British tennis player, who took first for Canada.

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Greg Rusedski is married since 1999 with Lucy Connor, he was together with since 1991. The couple has a daughter (* 2006) and a son (* 2009).


Rusedski has a British mother and a Canadian father. In 1995 he decided to take up British citizenship. His best results were reaching the final of the U.S. Open in 1997, when he lost to Patrick Rafter ( 3:6, 2:6, 6:4, 5:7 ), and winning the Grand Slam Cup in Munich in 1999.

During his career he won 15 singles titles and was performed in 1997 in the tennis world rankings to number four - its highest position. In the same year he became the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Sportsman of the Year in the UK, was elected.

Although Rusedski was next to Tim Henman and Andy Murray one of the best British tennis player of his time, he lacked the British public recognition. This is underpinned primarily by events which had occurred at the home tournament at Wimbledon. 2000 journalists asked him before the draw after his opponent wish. Curiously, The draw was made with Vincent Spadea said he player. Spadea won the first round with 6-3, 6:75, 6:3, 6:78 and 9:7, which at the time caused quite a stir. In 2003, he swore in his second round match against Andy Roddick of the referee, because he refused to repeat a point after a fan failure. He lost the game with 6:710, 6:711, 5:7, which earned him renewed criticism in the press.

Rusedski was plagued in recent seasons of his career from injury. In January 2004, he tested positive for nandrolone. After a hearing on 10 March 2004, he was acquitted of doping allegations. April 7, 2007 Rusedski officially announced his retirement from competitive sport known.


Rusedski was a long time record holder for the most severe impact in men's tennis and was at the time a lot of serve and volley players like Pete Sampras, Richard Krajicek, Goran Ivanisevic and Marc Rosset refer in this summary to the places. On March 14, 1998 at the ATP tournament in Indian Wells, he opened with 239.8 km / h. This record was broken by the Swede Joachim Johansson and almost simultaneously by Andy Roddick on 6 February 2004. Both players were at the same time the Davis Cup for their countries in use. In the Davis Cup match against Austria USA Roddick against Stefan Koubek served with 241.4 km / h and was from that time record holder. Roddick improved his record later to 249.4 km / h

For a long time he also held the record for the fastest win in the ATP Tour: In 29 minutes, he won in 1996 against the German Carsten Arriens in the second round of the Sydney International tennis tournament. This record was broken in 2014.



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