Helen Meany

Helen Meany (* December 15, 1904 in New York City; † July 21, 1991 in Greenwich, Connecticut ) was an American Water Diving. She participated in three Olympic Games and won once this gold.


Helen Meany took part at the age of 15 years at the Summer Olympics in Antwerp in 1920. She started competing from the tower, but could not survive the first round. Four years later Meany started in the Olympic Summer Games 1924 in Paris, where she started in the competition of the high diving again. She took the fifth place there. 1928 launched Helen Meany at the Summer Olympic Games in Amsterdam. This time she took part in the competition from the three- meter board. In it, she won the gold medal ahead of her two compatriots Dorothy Poynton and Georgia Coleman.

Meany went to the Women's Swimming Association and won 13 titles of the Amateur Athletic Union. Your amateur career ended after they occur in a water show with Martha Norelius, Pete Desjardins and Johnny Weissmuller.