Jos Lammertink

Jos Lammertink ( born March 28, 1958 in wierden ) is a former Dutch cyclist.

Jos Lammertink was a professional racing driver from 1980 to 1989 and was able to achieve 38 wins in that time. In 1986 he became Dutch champion in the road race. Even as an amateur, he won the 1979 Olympia's Tour.

Lammertink was active as a water carrier for Eddy Planckaert and Eric Vanderaerden, for which he put on the sprints. He was two stages of the Vuelta a España ( 1980 and 1981) and win the race Kuurne -Brussels- Kuurne.

In 2006, the criterion of wierden in was "GP Jos Lammertink " named, which he had won, even when it was first held in 1982; However, in 2008 the race was held for the last time.

Lammertink had health problems throughout his life: in 1985 he fell out a long time, because he was ill at Whistler 's glandular fever; since he is suffering from thyroid problems. The following year, the year he was hit in the Tour de France during the fourth stage by a car and suffered severe head injuries in 2004 was known, which is suffering from the autoimmune disorder, " inclusion body myositis " (IBM) Jos Lammertink.