Janus Braspennincx

Adrianus Jacobus "Janus" Braspennincx ( born May 5, 1903 in Zundert, † January 7, 1977 in Breda ) was a Dutch cyclist.

Janus Braspennincx competed at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam and won the team pursuit silver medal with Jan Pijnenburg, Jacobus Maas and Piet van der Horst. In the Olympic road race he finished in 27th place

1930 Braspennincx was Dutch road champion. In 1927 he occupied at the Olympia's Tour in second place behind the German Rudolf cloud. He participated in 24 six-day races and won the 1932 Brussels with Pijnenburg.

Braspennincx came from a racing family: both his father, his uncle, his brother, his son as well as his four cousins ​​operated active cycling. The most successful was his nine years younger cousin John, the Dutch road champion twice. To distinguish between this Janus Braspennincx " Ouwe Bras " ( = Old Bras ) was called.