Kawasaki Z1300

/ rear single Ø 290 mm

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The Z1300 is a motorcycle with water-cooled six-cylinder four -stroke engine of the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki, which was built in several model variants. Outside Germany, the model was sold as a KZ1300. Internal bore the Z1300 also the following names:

KZT30A: For models with carburetors the series A1 to A4.

KZT30B: For the model of the " Touring" series.

KGT30A / ZGT30A: For the DFI models with fuel injection

ZN1300 / ZNT30A: For the " Voyager " series.

The introduction of the Honda CBX as well as the appearance of even stronger Kawasaki Z1300 led to the initial decision, the motorcycle industry, to limit the power in Germany machines sold voluntarily to 100 hp.

Model history

The Z1300 was originally planned as a sports bike to compete with the Honda CBX ( development designation: project 203), but eventually came due to their weight and the characteristics of its drive as a touring bike on the market. First, they should get a displacement of 1200 cc, but because of the new 1340 cc engine at Harley -Davidson he was enlarged to 1286 cc. The engine of the Z1300 was until the appearance of the BMW K 1600 GT, the largest six-cylinder in a motorcycle series (based on the displacement - the engine of the Z1300 is 570 mm wide, while the BMW K 1600 GT is only 555 mm wide).

The differences between the models and Z1300 KZ1300 are marginal, only small differences in the electrical system, the setting, the throttle and switches and lighting are available; especially the different size of the fuel tank is striking.

Due to the high weight of around 330 kg ( dry 294kg for KTZ30 or 381kg for the ZN- models ) and the high purchase price, less cornering clearance and sometimes quite high consumption was the Z1300 not a big market success and spawned because of their low sales numbers do not even the cost of developing a Kawasaki. Nevertheless, the machine evolved into a myth that it owes its special technical position and the smooth running of the engine. The engine was originally equipped with carburetors, was improved as part of the facelift during the sale season (1979-1989), including a digitally controlled injection system has been introduced. In the U.S., the model with fairing and luggage, similar to the Honda GoldWing was put on the market ( Z1300 Voyager ). The last 200 models (1989 built ) received the additional title "Legendary Six".

At the time of introduction of the Model Z1300 was one of only three water-cooled motorcycles on the market (next to Honda Goldwing and Suzuki GT 750).


1978 Presentation of the new Kawasaki Z1300 at IFMA in Cologne. First water-cooled six-cylinder motorcycle, initially with three Mikuni BSW 32- twin carburettors and 120 hp.

From the spring of 1979 is the Z1300 A1 in the windows of the Kawasaki dealer, the power was reduced by the voluntary self-limitation of importers and manufacturers to 100 horsepower. Frame numbers: KZT30A - 000101 to KTZ30A - 005 618 / engine numbers: KZT30AE0001010 to KZT30AE005309. As color Kawasaki offers only " Luminous Starlight Blue" ( with ornamental stripes in gold). The machine cost including 11% VAT in Germany 12,068 DM, or about 13,500 euros today.

1980 The six cylinder Z1300 A2 be increased with a larger oil pan equipped (increase in several steps from 3.5 to 6.2 liters), the oil level sight glass and improves the oil circuit. In addition, the shock absorber mounting bolts get washers that are designed to prevent peeling of the rubber bearing. Frame numbers: KZT30A - 006201 to KZT30A - 010 993 / engine numbers: KZT30AE005801 to KZT30AE012373. This model is only available in one color " Luminous Ruby Red" with trim in gold.

In addition, Kawasaki offers the Z1300 B1 ( Touring). This is a standard Z1300 model, which is equipped with fairing, top case, luggage and touring seat. The model is available only in the color " Royal Dark Red" with trim in gold and will be officially available in the U.S. only. Frame numbers: KZT30B - 000001 to KZT30B - 001 818 / engine numbers: KZT30AE005801 to KZT30AE012373

1981 Z1300 A3 will receive an electronic ignition timing attributable currently being used governor. On the brakes, there are sintered metal pads. The tail now adorns a chrome mounting bracket, air filter covers are also chrome-plated. Frame numbers: KZT30AE011501 to KZT30AE014100 / engine numbers: KZT30AE012401 to KZT30AE014800. Kawasaki provides two colors for selecting: " Luminous Holly Green" with trim in gold & lime green and "Ebony " with trim in gold & red

In the 1982 Z1300 A4 ignition timing moves from the left to the right tailshaft, a narrower primary tooth chain is installed. The horn cover has been slightly changed. Frame numbers: KZT30AE014101 to KZT30AE015439 / engine numbers: KZT30AE014801 to KZT30AE015946. This model is available in 2 colors: " Luminous Red Passion " with decorative stripes in black & gold, and "Ebony " with decorative stripes in red & gold.

1983 In order to reduce the previously high oil consumption, the six-cylinder ( version Z1300 A5) receives this year improved piston. New, multi-adjustable air-assisted shocks improve ride comfort. The tank emblem and side cover labels have been revised. Start with frame number: KZT30A - 015,901th

1984 DFI Z1300 ( ZG1300 A1) lowering with a petrol consumption, already delivered from the well-known Z 1100 GP electronically controlled fuel injection, performance ( reduced) increases to 130 hp. The consumption should also be a so-called " Cruise Control" by the driver to be selected by a switch normal or savings program affected. Start with frame number: ZGT30A - 000001 / Engine number KZT30AE016401. This model is also available in red or black.

1985 The " Cruise Control " system is no longer used because it proved to be useless. The demand for the Z1300 decreases.

1986 Almost the same model as the previous year with the designation ZG1300 A2, starting with frame number: ZGT30A - 002801 in the same colors as before.

1987 Not really a new model called ZG1300 A3, starting with frame number: ZGT30A - 002,801th

1988 Not really a new model called ZG1300 A4, starting with frame number: ZGT30A - 003501, available only in black.

1989 The last 200 delivered DFI Z1300 ( ZG1300 -A5 ) are provided with the nickname " Legendary Six" and characterized by a special sticker on the tank as such. Chance, sales of this model went in to the year 1993.

ZN1300 Voyager

As early as 1983 represents Kawasaki ZN1300 Voyager before the model and aims with this fully faired tourer on the U.S. market from. The Voyager is analogous to the GoldWing with a variety of extras such as a radio equipped. Here, the Voyager series:

1984 ZN1300 -A2, starting with frame number: EB500001 (USA) or EA000401 (Japan), color as previous model

1985 ZN1300 -A3, starting with frame number: FB501501 (USA) or FA001301 (Japan), color as previous model

1986 ZN1300 -A4, starting with frame number: GA001501, color: " Luminous Vintage Red / Metallic Graystone "

1987 ZN1300 -A5, starting with frame number: HB503301, color as previous model

1988 ZN1300 -A6, starting with frame number: JB503701, color as previous model

Kawasaki has subsequently replaced the engine of the Voyager with a lighter 1200 cc four-cylinder engine.

Technical & other data

  • Tank KZ1300: 20.5 / 21.4 liter (round U.S. tank / rectangular U.S. tank)
  • Tank Z1300 & Z1300B1: 27 liters
  • Early 2011 were approved in Germany still 568 Z1300
  • End of third quarter of 2012 were in the United Kingdom still 151 Z1300 registered
  • The Italian designer Franco Sbarro built a concept car in 1981, the Sbarro Super 12, which was powered by two engines Z1300. It was only made ​​a copy.
  • The turn signal lenses of the Z1300 are clear front, rear, however faint.
  • The fuel-injected models ( ZG1300 ) were sold only in Europe, but not in the United States. There were, even in the Voyager model heron ( ZN1300 ), always mounted carburetor.
  • Had the Z1300 model for Germany exclusively on both side covers still a Germany flag after the Z1300 lettering.