BMW K1600

The BMW K 1600 GT is the manufacturer BMW motorcycle. It is the first standard six- cylinder motorcycle from German production.


The K 1600 GT was unveiled at the Intermot exhibition in October 2010 as a world first. The launch was in March 2011 at a basic price of 19,900 -. Euros.



The six-cylinder is on the narrow width, designed high torque at low speeds and light weight. Design measures, such as the built-up camshaft with a wall thickness of 3 mm, a weight of the engine of 102 kg is achieved. Nevertheless He weighs 25 kg more than the approximately equal power engine of the BMW K 1300 GT with four cylinders.

The mixture preparation has only an electrically driven pump at 52 mm, as the usual case of motorcycles individual throttle butterflies would have exceeded the predetermined by the crank mechanism width of 555 mm.

Landing gear

The bridge frame is made ​​of aluminum. The rear wheel is also out of a double-joint aluminum swingarm. The front wheel performs Duolever construction with a central spring leg.


The first motorcycle world, the K 1600 GT features an adaptive cornering light which illuminates the road better at night cornering. A swivel mirror in the optics of the xenon low beam compensated up to 25 degree angle.


The K 1600 GTL is developed further through additional features such as a convenient one-piece seat, one more toward the driver cranked arm, rubber-coated footpegs and an enlarged to 26.5 liters tank as long-distance tourer. To the BMW K 1600 GTL comes as standard with a topcase, which is optionally equipped with a second, high- set brake light. More chrome parts on the side cover, chrome muffler Windflaps and they differ in addition to the K 1600 GT. The list price in Germany amounted to launch 21,850 -. Euros.