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Lake Forest is a very affluent suburb of Chicago in Lake County in the U.S. state of Illinois, located on Lake Michigan, south of Waukegan. The city has 19,375 inhabitants ( 2010). Lake Forest was founded in 1857 around his college around, and as a stopover for travelers on their way to Chicago. The city is the seat of the company Hospira, Tenneco and Brunswick Corporation, all of which are in the Fortune 500.

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Geography and Development

Lake Forest is located in the Chicago metropolitan area.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the total area of ​​the city is 43.8 km ² ( 16.9 mi ² ), of which 0.1 km ² ( 0.30 %) is water.

In the initial development of the city was a target of urban planning that roads should grant only limited access to the city to avoid traffic from the outside and shield the quiet location of the neighboring areas. Today, the accessibility has risen significantly, partly because of the extensive new construction in the west of the city, is the older, more easterly part of the town, near the shore of Lake Michigan, is still relatively remote and is one of the most scenic, historic and architecturally significant neighborhoods of the Greater Region Chicago. Among the residences located here include those which have been designed by renowned architects such as Howard Van Doren Shaw.

In 1967, a group of 12 long-time residents of Lake Forest's an organization for the protection of undeveloped area, the Lake Forest Open Lands Association ( see # External links ). Your explicit purpose was to buy up the fast disappearing undeveloped areas of the city, or otherwise determine for the purpose of animal protection, ecosystem restoration and environmental education. Over the next 38 years, the group was able to acquire about 300 acres within the city limits, the trails are open to the public now in six nature reserves with twenty kilometers. Be maintained long-term by wetlands, original ( created before the year 1830) prairie, woodlands and savannah, all within the city limits.

Lake Forest has received the " Tree City USA" by the National Arbor Day Foundation in recognition of her commitment to public forests. 2006 was in the Lake Forest received this national honor of the 26th year.


Lake Forest has access to the Interstate Highway System by the Tri - State Tollway (I- 94). In addition, the Skokie Highway (U.S. Highway 41 ) runs in a north -south direction approximately through the center of Lake Forest. With further suburbs of Chicago in the West 60 is connected through Lake Forest Illinois Route. The Union Pacific / North Line of the Metra commuter train system has ( at the marketplace ), while the Milwaukee District / North Line has another station in the western part of the city a railway station in the center of Lake Forest.

Commerce and trade

The commercial development of Lake Forest has three priorities; two of which are accessible by the railroad with its own regional stations. In the center is located on the market square of the Union Pacific Railroad Station - the area around the market square offers a mix of retail, financial services and professional practices, as well as restaurants. To the west there is another area around the railway station of the Milwaukee District North line and beyond to " Settlers' Square", which also holds up a mix of retail, financial services and professional practices, as well as restaurants. On the north western boundary of the city, along the Tri - State Tollway, there is another area, which consists mainly of offices of larger enterprises in office parks.

Educational institutions

Lake Forest is home to both prestigious public schools and private schools. Lake Forest High School is responsible for both Lake Forest and the neighboring Lake Bluff, and most graduates then visit picky colleges. The Montessori School of Lake Forest ( accredited by the AMI: Association Montessori Internationale) is attended by children 2-14 years old, but is less well known than the Montessori school in neighboring Lake Bluff. Lake Forest Academy, on the west side of the city, is a boarding and day school one of the best in the Midwest, and is attended by students from across the nation and worldwide.

Elementary Schools

  • Deerpath Middle School - publicly.
  • Cherokee Elementary School - public
  • Everett Elementary School - public
  • Sherdian Elementary School - public
  • School of St. Mary - private
  • Lake Forest Country Day School - private

High schools

  • Lake Forest High School - public
  • Lake Forest Academy - private
  • Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart - private.


  • Lake Forest College
  • Lake Forest Graduate School of Management


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