Lilienfeld District

The Lilienfeld is one of the districts in the Lower Austrian Alps Most district. It includes parts of the Lower Austrian - Styrian Limestone Alps, Kamnik Alps and the Good of the Vienna Woods in the north-eastern part of the district.

The Lilienfeld is the most forested district in Austria and consists of two main valleys, the

  • Traisental, and the
  • Gölsental

The highest elevation is the Oetscher (1893 m above sea level. A. ), followed by Goeller ( 1766 m above sea level. A. ).

Administrative divisions

The Lilienfeld is divided into 14 municipalities, including two towns and six market towns.

The most important of the abbreviations used are:

  • M = center of the municipality
  • Stt = district
  • R = Rotte
  • W = hamlet
  • D = village
  • ZH = Scattered houses
  • Sdlg = settlement
  • E = bowery (only if they have their own town code)

The complete list that uses the Statistics Austria, can be found at Topographic settlement Labelling according to STAT

Please note that some places may have different spellings. So Katastralgemeinden write differently than the same localities.

Source: Statistics Austria - List for Lower Austria (PDF)


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