List of districts and neighborhoods of Los Angeles

The metropolis of Los Angeles of over four million inhabitants in the city proper alone area has numerous neighborhoods that reflect their cultural, social and ethnic diversity of the multicultural character of the city. The writer Dorothy Parker once described Los Angeles as " 72 suburbs in search of a city ". With the exception of Hollywood, the different neighborhoods and their boundaries are not yet officially defined. However, the Los Angeles Times an unofficial, she developed over a period of about three years map of each district issued on 19 February 2009.

Apart from Downtown Los Angeles, where there is also the origin of the city, are Bunker Hill, which has long been expected to downtown, and Angelino Heights as the oldest suburbs of Los Angeles. The district is the youngest of real estate companies since 2001 on the drawing board developed Playa Vista to the west of Los Angeles, north of the airport LAX.

For statistical purposes in addition, there is a sub- division of the city into seven areas of the Planning Commission ( Area Planning Commissions ). These are themselves divided into 36 plan areas of the community ( community plan areas ) that are listed in the following table. The population figures in the table are based on the census of 1 April 2000.

Source: Los Angeles Department of City Planning