Little Women (1933 film)

Four sisters ( Original: Little Women ) is an American film drama by George Cukor 1933 The film shows the life of the four March sisters who have to cope in poor conditions. . Stop giving them their mother's love, while her father is fighting in the Army of Northern States for the abolition of slavery. As a literary work was the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The film was produced by RKO.


The film begins just before Christmas. Father Robin March is the American Civil War in the Army of Northern States as a military chaplain.

In the house March his amiable wife, Margaret " Marmee ", the quirky Aunt Josephine "March " and his four daughters live. This must contribute to the maintenance of the family.

  • Meg ( Margaret, 16 years) working as a kindergarten teacher and educates her sisters.
  • The tomboyish Jo ( Josephine, 15 years ) is employed by her rich aunt as a shareholder. She wants to be a writer.
  • Beth ( Elizabeth, 13 years old) playing on an old piano and loves cats.
  • Amy (12 years) selfish and vain is still in school.

The girls receive from the aunt ever a generous gift of money, over its use discussing it lively. After a small sample for a play (see below), the mother comes home. She reads a few lines from the new letter from her father before his little women, whereupon the girls to brush their good intentions and redistribute the money for presents.

On Christmas day the " selfish " Amy surprised her sisters before breakfast by an act of selfless generosity. The mother comes home and is said to bring cheerful. Thereafter, the breakfast, to which all were delighted, given away in a poor family.

The performance of the written by Jo play " The Witch's Curse (The Witch's Curse ) ," which is designed in all its functions and roles of the sisters ends after a breakdown on stage in a riot. As compensation for the loss of breakfast sends Mr. Laurence of over a dinner. Jo would like to thank for it with the ulterior motive to get to know his grandson Laurie of the donor. During a visit to Jos in the house Laurence, the two rapidly approaching. Grandfather Laurence accompanied Jo home.

Meg and Jo take part in a ball in the rich house Laurence. Jo initially rejected several calls to the dance, but can be then with Laurie on a dance in the hall. Meg falls in love with Laurie's tutor, Mr. John Brooke. It turns out that Jo gets money for a sequel novel. Grandfather Laurence gives Beth a magnificent piano. Amy's talent for drawing develops.

A telegram announces that the father is in the hospital March. Mother March breaks, accompanied by Mr. Brooke to Washington DC on. Jo surprised the sisters by a reading from her serial novel. Beth ill with scarlet fever and threatens to die. But before the mother 's back, Beth is healthy again and also Father March versa recover back.

Meg marries Mr. Brooke, while Laurie Jo confesses his deep love. Jo claims it can not answer this. However, your opposite mother confesses to love Laurie also.

Jo travels to New York. Your livelihood she wants to earn money by babysitting. She learns Professor Fritz Bhaer know, given the language teaching, and falls in love with the piano in it. Prof. Bhaer talked to her to continue writing. After attending an opera Jo sky high is thrilled.

Aunt March comes with Amy to the European trip, should attend initially to the Jo. Meg, meanwhile, gets twins and Beth dies by a relapse of scarlet fever. Amy and Laurie meet in Europe and get married. Jo seems to remain without a partner. But there appears Prof. Bhaer with Jos book and makes her to marry him.


" Sentimental film adaptation of youth classic by Louisa May Alcott. Cukor has taken the development of novel with skill and sensitivity the schmalzigsten tones; especially the art of acting Katharine Hepburn breaks the occasional honesty the top. "


Oscar 1933


  • Best Adapted Screenplay - Victor Heerman, Sarah Y. Mason


  • Best Picture
  • Best Director - George Cukor