Wild Is the Wind

Wild is the wind is an American feature film from the year 1957. It is a remake of the Italian feature film storms of passion ( Furia, 1947), whose screenplay Goffredo Alessandrini and Vittorio Nino Novarese written and for the remake of Arnold Schulman was adapted.


Gino is an Italian sheep farmers in Nevada. He is widowed early and decides to marry the sister of his deceased wife. Gioia from Italy to him and moves into his house. There she received from Ginos family with warmth. Only Gino is not very happy because Gioia is different than her sister. You can not control by the authoritarian Gino. Together with Gino and Bene, the adopted son of Gino, Gioia goes over the vast land of the sheep ranch. When they see a wild herd of horses grazing, Gino wants to shoot the stallion. Gioia has compassion for the animals and prevent this. She would have liked even a horse. When she sees but how brutal Gino zureitet the horse, they would prefer it free again. Gino is so excited about it that he beats Gioia. Bene comes to help her and falls in love Gioia. Slowly, a romance develops between the two. As Gino travels to Boston to visit daughter Angela, the relationship between Gioia and Bene intensified. Just before Gino comes back, Gioia spends the night with Bene in his room. The next day she is confronted by Teresa so that authority than only about the relationship. Gioia stated that they love Bene and plans to go away with him.

As Gino is back, there is a dispute between him and Bene. Plane leaves the ranch and Gioia decides to return to Italy. It was not until a conversation between Gino and his brother Alberto Gino bring to reason. He had always Gioia compared only with her ​​sister and never gave her a real chance to be his wife. Gino then travels to the airport at Gioia, and it comes at the airport to reconciliation. Gioia is back with Gino back to the ranch.


The film was shot from May to June 1957 in Nevada. The premiere took place on 11 December 1957. In 1958 the film in the competition at the International Film Festival of Berlin.


" Carefully crafted melodrama sometimes intrusive imagery, but great actors trying to seriously deal with the problem presented. "


Anna Magnani won the Silver Bear in 1958 for her performance and also in the same year in Italy the David di Donatello Award. She was also nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award. Anthony Quinn and Dimitri Tiomkin also received an Oscar nomination for her work.