Marisol Touraine

Marisol Touraine ( born March 7, 1959 in Paris ) is a French politician of the Parti Socialiste (PS ), and since 2014 Minister of Social Affairs. Previously, she was since 2012 Minister of Social Affairs and Health.


Studies, professional activities and MPs

Marisol Touraine, Alain Touraine daughter of sociologists and those coming from Chile researcher Adriana Arenas Pizarro, grew up in Paris and studied post-school economics and social sciences at Sciences Po, the Institut d' études politiques de Paris. After a subsequent postgraduate studies at Harvard University, she was assistant in the Secretariat-General de la défense et de la sécurité national ( SGDN ), one of the Prime Minister assumed authority for matters of defense and security policy. Subsequently, she was between 1988 and 1991 Advisor to the then Prime Minister Michel Rocard geostrategic issues.

Your actual political career began when she was first elected to the deputies of the National Assembly as a candidate of the Socialist Party in 1997. There they took until their defeat in the 2002 elections against the former owner and constituency candidates of the Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP ), Jean -Jacques Descamps, the constituency of Indre -et -Loire III. At the same time, she was appointed by the First Secretary François Hollande to the National Secretary of the PS for Solidarity and Social Security 1997. In 1998, their election as a member of the General Council of the department of Indre -et -Loire for the Canton Montbazon, to which it belongs since then.

In the parliamentary elections in 2007 succeeded to beat her Descamps by a narrow majority, and 50.22 percent of the vote, so that they as his successor again as a representative of the constituency of Indre -et -Loire III was deputy of the National Assembly. At the same time she was 2008-2011 Second Vice President of the General Council of the department of Indre -et -Loire.

President- General and Minister

Touraine who also is president of the left-wing think tank À gauche en Europe within the PS, 2011 was also President of the General Council of the department of Indre -et -Loire. First, it supported the efforts of Dominique Strauss- Kahn 's candidacy in the 2012 presidential election. Having this but after publicized rape allegations did without a job application, she became a supporter of the candidacy of François Hollande.

After the election of Hollande as President and the appointment of Jean -Marc Ayrault as Prime Minister, she was appointed by that on 17 May 2012 Minister of Social Affairs and Health in the Cabinet. Within the government, they dressed it in sixth place, with its three delegates ministers are deputies: Michèle Delaunay for the elderly and dependencies, Dominique Bertinotti for families as well as Marie- Arlette Carlotti for people with disabilities. Since the appointment of the government Valls their only function is called Minister of Social Affairs.

Marisol Touraine is married to the diplomat Michel Reveyrand de Menton, who was from 2006 to 2010 Ambassador to Mali and has been accredited since 2010 as ambassador to Chad.


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