Messerschmitt Me 263

The Junkers Ju 248 is a further development of the Messerschmitt Me 163 After the first experience with the use of the Me 163B In designing the improved versions Me 163C and D, the new engine HWK 109- 509C with additional march combustion chamber ( as "March oven "hereinafter) should receive; the D version should also receive a retractable landing gear. However, the RLM decided to create a new design; since the development department of the Messerschmitt but was overloaded by more new projects in the Hunter emergency program, Junkers received the order. The new rocket fighter was revised aerodynamic fuselage and in the pulpit and had provided as a retractable landing gear, but that was still rigidly designed to shorten the development and construction on the first prototype Ju 248V -1. The wing has been adopted with minor changes of the Me 163B, the armament was mounted in the wing roots. Because until August 1944, the proposed engine not ready stood, the first test flights began unmotivated in tow a Ju 188, this is overall better flight characteristics than the Me 163 showed The engine finally stood in the autumn of 1944 is available, its thrust of the main combustion chamber was between 400 and 1,960 kp be regulated, the march combustion chamber provided additional 400 kp, so the flight time towards the Me 163 could be more than doubled. Upon completion of testing the entire structure went back to Messerschmitt, where she received the type designation Me 263 total, only three or five prototypes were completed according to sources, one of which fell into the hands of the Allies individual. In the Soviet Union Mikoyan was a similar pattern, I-270, inspired.

In the film, Steely Eagle III aircraft of the company Scaled Composites ARES was shown as the Me 263.