Privlaka, Zadar County

Privlaka (it. Brevilacqua ) is a village in northern Dalmatia in Zadar in Croatia. It is situated 18 km north of the city of Zadar. The oldest city in Croatia, Nin, is 5.5 km away. It owns 2,253 inhabitants ( 2011 census ) and is a popular place for tourism and fisheries.


Since prehistory Privlaka regarded as settled, since Illyrian tumuli and Roman writings could be found. On April 10, 1296, the village was first mentioned in writing.

1570 the medieval settlement was destroyed by the Turks.

A key -preserved building is the built on a hillside grave of St. Vitus Church ( Catholic). The service is being held there today only once a year, on June 15 ( Saint Vitus' Day ), instead.


The climate in Privlaka is - as usual in Dalmatia - mild and Mediterranean.


With its 2,540 hours of sunshine a year Privlaka is for many tourists (especially families) very attractive.

Most vacationers families come mainly from Germany, Austria and Italy. Popular with the tourists is the large sandy beach in Privlaka which attracts guests with its beach bars.

In addition to many smaller, usually privately rented apartments near the beach, there are a large 4 -star hotel called Laguna, which was opened in 2006.



As a long -standing tradition is considered the place to be held on August 4 of each year Fixed Privlačka noć ( "The Night of Privlaka "). An integral part of the festival is the performance of the folk group of local arts and cultural association.

In addition, usually the carnival takes place in February of each year.


Football and basketball are as in Croatia, also in Privlaka as the most popular sports. There are numerous basketball courts, to which the adolescent is usually in the afternoon and a football club named Sabunjar Privlaka, which is named after an old sand extraction technology.


In the center of the town Privlaka is a primary school.


Josip Skoblar, a Yugoslav football player and coach, was born in Privlaka.