Raymond Berry

As a player

As assistant coach and head coach

  • 6 × Pro Bowl ( 1958-1960, 1961, 1963, 1964)
  • 6 × All-Pro (1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1965)
  • 2 × NFL Champion (1958, 1959)
  • AFC Champion (1985 )
  • NFL 75th Anniversary All- Time Team
  • NFL 1950s All- Decade Team
  • NFL Coach of the Year Award ( 1985)
  • Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor
  • Back number 82 locked at the Colts and shirt number 87 at the College
  • Southern Methodist University Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame (1973 )

Raymond Emmett Berry ( born February 27, 1933, Corpus Christi, Texas ) is an American former American football player and coach in the National Football League ( NFL). He played as a wide receiver for the Baltimore Colts, with whom he won two NFL championships and was Head Coach of the New England Patriots, with whom he reached the Super Bowl XX. Berry is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Raymond Berry attended from 1946 to 1950 in Paris, Texas high school. When there trained by his father Raymond football team he played as an end and was responsible for the announcement of moves. The passing game was in American football at that time still very pronounced and Berry began during his school days only 33 passes and could not score a touchdown.



After a preparatory year at Schreiner College studied Raymond Berry 1951-1954 at Southern Methodist University (SMU ) in Dallas. There he was a teammate of Forrest Gregg. In 1951, he received no operating time at the "Southern Methodist University Mustangs " and a year later he received during the season just 50 minutes of playing time and caught only five passes. 1953 Berry played both in the Defense, as well as in the offense and the team was able to achieve eleven Pässfänge. Nevertheless, he was in his team as a manager and in 1954 was elected vice- captain. In 1954, he caught 16 passes and was elected to the league selection. In the same year he was elected for his academic achievements to the All- American. Berry was short-sighted and later was the first professional player in the contact lenses. He also had a chronic back problem that forced him to wear a special body protection. All the more surprising that Raymond Berry one of the best wide receivers NFL history has been.


Raymond Berry was selected in the 20 lap 232 instead of the Baltimore Colts in the 1955 NFL Draft. The late commitment made ​​Berry initially no hope for a long lasting professional career. Coach of the Colts was Weeb Ewbank, the it over the next few years succeeded of young, success-hungry players, such as the fullback Alan Ameche, the halfback Lenny Moore or the offensive line player Jim Parker, as well as veteran professionals, such as the defensive end Gino Marchetti or the defensive tackle Art Donovan to form a top team.

Ray Berry had difficulties to find their way into the team and stood after the first season, shortly before his release. He caught only 13 balls, achieving a space gain of 205 yards. Ewbank held at Berry, and in 1956 undertook the Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas, which proved for Berry, but also for his team as a stroke of luck. Unitas always managed to put Berry in scene in the coming years. 1956 Berry was able to score his first touchdown as a pro. In 1958, Berry won his first NFL title. The Colts qualified for the NFL Championship Game in 1958 and came into this game against the New York Giants. Berry played outstanding. He caught passes into an area gain of 178 yards and was able to score a touchdown. The game was balanced for a long time. It was only a few seconds before the end of the game team from Baltimore equalized. Alan Ameche scored the decisive touchdown in overtime and the Colts won with 23:17. The game is considered by many football fans today as the best football game ever.

In 1959, Berry was able to win his second title. Again were the Giants in the NFL playoff opponent. They had to again, this time with a pass 31:16, beaten. Also in this game, Unitas was able to put his teammates in crucial scene. Berry started five of his passes and achieved an area gain of 68 yards.

1963 took over Don Shula, the coach of the Colts. He led the team in the following year in his third NFL playoff. This time, however, showed the Cleveland Browns as superior and won with 27-0. Also in 1965 the Colts could not win the final and lost to team, coached by Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers 13-10.

Hampered by numerous injuries had Raymond Berry after the 1967 season to finish his career. Berry presented at numerous NFL Jahresbestleistungen. So he scored in 1958 and 1959, the most touchdowns and 1960 yards with 1298 the highest gain of space in the season. During his playing time in Baltimore Berry caused only a fumble.


After his professional career was Raymand Berry 1968 first assistant coach Tom Landry with the Dallas Cowboys. He was responsible for training the wide receiver. 1968 and 1969 he was able to qualify the team for each of the play-offs.

In the years 1976 and 1977, he was after a three -year-long stopover at the University of Arkansas and the Detroit Lions for two years assistant to his former teammate Forrest Gregg at the Cleveland Browns.

From 1978 to 1981 he worked as an assistant coach with the New England Patriots. Due to a poor 1981 season, the entire coaching staff was fired. 1984 Berry returned the midst of the season as head coach of the Patriots back and failed short of making the play -offs. The following year, he succeeded in winning the AFC Championship games. There were the Patriots against the Miami Dolphins, who were cared for by Berry's old coach Don Shula, prevail with 31:14, which meant a place in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl XX, however, was clearly lost 46:10 against, coached by Mike Ditka Chicago Bears. Nevertheless, many players of the Patriots, like Irving Fryar or Andre Tippett played after this season in the Pro Bowl. 1986 failed Berry and his team early in the play- offs to the Denver Broncos. After a disappointing 1989 season verlaufenen Berry was fired by the Patriots.

1991 was engaged as assistant coach Raymond Berry of the Detroit Lions. He was in charge in Detroit quarterback of the team. Again he moved in 1991 with a team in the play-offs one. However, a title win was denied him. Before the 1992 season, Berry moved in the same function to the Denver Broncos, where he was responsible for the care of John Elway.


Raymond Berry was six times elected to the Pro Bowl six times and to the All- Pro. He is a member of the NFL 75th Anniversary All- Time Team, NFL 1950s All- Decade in the team, in the Southern Methodist University Athletics Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His back numbers are no longer awarded for the Colts and the Mustangs. 1985 Berry was voted NFL Coach of the Year. The magazine The Sporting News selected him as one of the 100 best football players of all time. The Baltimore Ravens honor him on the Ring of Honor

Off the pitch

Raymond Berry served from 1957 to 1963 in the National Guard of Maryland. He is married, has two daughters and a son. The family lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.