Ronnie Lott

Ronald Mandel Lott ( born May 8, 1959 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States ) is a former American football player. He played for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League ( NFL), with whom he won four Super Bowls.

Youth and College

Lott played since his childhood football and basketball. Since his father was a soldier, his parents moved with him first to Washington, DC and then to Rialto, California, where he attended the High School. In high school, Lott played in both the Defense, as well as on offense. 1977 Scouts of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles were aware of him. He received a scholarship and played in the defensive backfield at the USC Trojans. Unlike many football players who aspire to a professional career and have in view, he made in 1981 with a degree in public and constitutional law. In 1978, the Trojans were named national college champions the USA ( a playoff does not take place ), 1979 and 1980, he and his team each in the Rose Bowl. Both games were won.

Professional career

Lott was selected in 1981 in the 1st round in eighth place in the NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. With the 49ers he came mainly as a safety for use. In the NFL, he was famous and notorious for its massive tackles, he succeeded again and again much stronger players from the legs to pick. His athleticism, his understanding of the game, the superior overview made ​​him an exceptional player. Often, he is referred to as the Abwehrpendant of Joe Montana, the terrific quarterback of the 49ers. Lott was not only hard against his opponents but also against himself in 1985 he smashed himself in a game against the Dallas Cowboys the little finger, which would have normally taken a long injury break with it. Instead of letting the injury after the season be treated by surgery, he had amputated part of the finger, because he was afraid to stand up for the new season too late available.

Lott won with the 49ers four times in the Super Bowl - Super Bowl XVI against the Cincinnati Bengals at 26:21, Super Bowl XIX against the Miami Dolphins with 38:16, Super Bowl XXIII against the Bengals again with 20:16 and Super Bowl XXIV against the Denver Broncos with 55:10.

Although in 1991 he is the second time the most interceptions of all defenders of the league scoring ( eight of them), he got to his disappointment of the 49ers a new contract more and then wrote in the Los Angeles Raiders. In 1985, the feat it was to achieve the most interceptions in a season ever succeeded, he began this year ten passes valid. In 1993 he left the Raiders to New York and played until 1994 when the jets based there New York. After he finished his career. The intention in 1995 to compete for the Kansas City Chiefs, he did not put more into reality.

In 192 games during the regular season Lott reach a total of 63 interceptions from which he could achieve five touchdowns. In the last of his four Super Bowl victories he intercepted a pass and carried that 53 yards toward the opponent's end zone. The offense did the rest and made the defensive performance of their star defender a touchdown.


Lott played during his 14 years of professional career in ten Pro Bowls, the game selection of the best players of the season. He is a member of the National Football League 75th Anniversary All- Time Team, the National Football League 1980s All- Decade Team and the National Football League 1990s All- Decade Team. He also is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was accepted of all time by the American press in the list of 100 best football player in 1999. His jersey number 42 is no longer awarded by the 49ers. Named after him, " Lott Trophy" annually honors the hardest tacklers in college football.

After the career

Lott is married. His son Ryan Nece played linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At times he worked as a television presenter. Lott now lectures on the possibility to link the economic and professional sport together. Lott has founded with Marcus Allen and Emmitt Smith a foundation that promotes the sport education and athletic development of children.