Deacon Jones

  • Los Angeles Rams (1961-1971)
  • San Diego Chargers (1972, 1973)
  • Washington Redskins (1974 )
  • 8 × Pro Bowl ( 1964-1970, 1972)
  • 8 × All- Pro ( 1964-1970, 1972) 1 2 team
  • NFL 75th Anniversary All- Time Team
  • NFL 1960s All- Decade Team
  • 2 × NFL Defensive Player of the Year (1967, 1968)
  • Locked back number at the Rams
  • St. Louis Ring of Fame
  • South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame (1978 )
  • Black Sports Hall of Fame (1995 )
  • Florida Sports Hall of Fame
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame (1980 )

David D. " Deacon " Jones (nicknamed "The Secretary of Defense "; born December 9, 1938 in Eatonville, Florida, † June 3, 2013 in Anaheim, California ) was an US- American football player at the position of the defensive Ends. He played in the National Football League ( NFL) for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers and the Washington Redskins.



The Eatonville, a town of predominantly African -American population, Born in 1938, Deacon Jones grew up there in poor conditions. During his youth he was forced to work. In order to support his family, he worked as a melon pickers. Jones had to see play as a youth the opportunity to the African-American baseball player Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the so-called color - barrier broke through first in baseball. Jones attended high school and played football and basketball in addition to baseball too. In addition, Jones was active in the American civil rights movement.

Playing career


David Jones received a scholarship to South Carolina State University in 1957. At this college studying African Americans. Deacon Jones played for the " Bulldogs ", the football team of his college. In 1958, he sat out one year. After his college had heard that he was involved in the civil rights movement, the scholarship was revoked. An assistant coach of the football team had since left the school and a job at Mississippi Valley State University found, in which also only African-American students were enrolled. He made Jones and other players a change deal that accepted Jones. He finished his studies in Mississippi. Also on this college was racism everywhere. For away games his team he and his teammates had to sleep on cots, as the local motel refused to rent rooms to the players.


Deacon Jones was drafted in 1961 in the 14th round to 186th place by the trained by Bob Waterfield Los Angeles Rams. Jones was employed together with Lamar Lundy in the defensive line the Rams. The following year, Merlin Olsen joined the team in Los Angeles, and 1963 were the Rams Rosey Grier commit. The four defensive players were one of the most feared defensive lines of the NFL and went as the " Fearsome Foursome" in the history of the league. Jones was a key player in the defensive line the Rams. Time and again, the agile and rapid Jones to overcome the opposing offensive line to attack the quarterback can. Alone in 1967 he succeeded 26 bag. Allen opponents of his team managed to bring to the floor this year, only 25 times, the quarterback of the Rams with the ball in hand. Overall, Jones scored 165 Sacks during his season with the Rams.

Under coach George Allen succeeded Jones and the Rams in 1967 of making the play -offs, where they early but failed due to the supervised Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers with 28:7. In 1969, the second entry of the Rams in the play-offs. This time the team met in the first round to the Minnesota Vikings, who could prevail with 23:20.

Jones moved in 1972 to the San Diego Chargers and after two years in San Diego at the Washington Redskins. With the Redskins, which have now also served by George Allen, Deacon Jones was able to reach the play-offs again. Opponent in the first game were just the Rams from Los Angeles who could win the game with 19:10. After the game round in 1974 Jones ended his career.

After playing career

During his playing time, Jones was working as car dealers and Volkswagen sold. After his career, he worked at several U.S. companies, such as the Miller Brewing Company or Epson. In addition, he appeared again and again in small supporting roles as an actor in appearance. So he worked among other things in the television series Alf and in the movie of Heaven Can Wait. Jones also founded a foundation that supports young people. Jones was married and lived most recently in Anaheim.


Deacon Jones was eight times elected to the Pro Bowl eight times and to the All- Pro. His jersey number 75 is no longer awarded by the Rams, which play in St. Louis; they honor him on the St. Louis Ring of Fame. In the years 1967 and 1968 he was elected to the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Deacon Jones is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the NFL 75th Anniversary All- Time Team, NFL 1960s All- Decade in the team, in the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame, in the Florida Sports Hall of Fame and in the Black Sports Hall of Fame. In 1999 the magazine " The Sporting News" placed him at number 13 on the list of the 100 best football players of all time.