Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp ( born May 16, 1946 in Wimborne Minster ) is an English guitarist and composer. He is a founding member and sole constant member of the progressive rock group King Crimson.


Fripp began his musical career as a member of the League of Gentlemen and the Majestic Dance Orchestra. In 1967 he teamed up with his brothers Michael and Peter Giles of Trendsetters Ltd.. together with whom he released an album in 1968. With Michael Giles from this band in 1969 he founded King Crimson, whose only constant member, he remained through the eventful history of the band through. In the "resting phase " of the band, he released numerous solo albums, played as a guest musician with various musicians, started a guitar school ( Guitar Craft), a record company ( Discipline Global Mobile (DGM ) ) and produced records for musician friends (about Septober Energy of Centipede or the debut of the folk sisters the Roches ).

Together with Brian Eno, he experimented since 1972 with a designated by him as " Frippertronics " method of generating sound in the style of tape experiments, the Terry Riley since 1963 with the Time Lag Accumulator ( " delay memory " ) - a kind of forerunner of the later echo devices - undertook. The idea is to come from an unknown engineer who has worked at that time for Riley. For the production of " Frippertronics " two tape recorders ( Revox A77 ) are used: The first unit records the originating from the instrument input signal. The tape then passes through the second device. From there, the signal is reproduced and mixed with the input signal in the first band device. The sound originally produced is thus repeated ( " looped " ) and complemented by the new sound of the instrument. The well-established collaboration with Brian Eno albums (No pussyfooting ) and Evening Star are developed on the basis of this technique.

Later Fripp replaced the mechanical loop technique of " Frippertronics " through the use of guitar synthesizers and called the thus generated sounds Soundscapes. Fripp has several solo albums alone recorded with soundscapes. His sound experiments are also found on other artists' productions (among Midge Ure Breathe ).

Fripp is considered ' very English ', nutty -intellectual rock musician - already in the seventies he was in the music press, "Mr. Called Spock of Rock ". He is a follower of John G. Bennett and its teachings, which is evident in all his attitude and especially in the school he founded Guitar ( Guitar Craft) program. In fandom known his aphorisms, Frippisms are called.

Some selected musicians with whom Fripp has worked throughout his career, are David Bowie, Peter Hammill (Van der Graaf Generator ), Adrian Belew, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Deborah Harry ( Blondie ), Bill Bruford, David Sylvian, Andy Summers, Tony Levin, Greg Lake, who was before his success with Emerson, Lake & Palmer bassist and singer for King Crimson, and John Paul Jones. Even on the latest productions of Porcupine Tree is Fripp doing as a guest.

Robert Fripp is married to the musician and producer Toyah Willcox since May 16, 1986. In 2005 he was commissioned by Microsoft to compose the system sounds for Windows Vista. " Exposure" was included in the list Wire The Wire 's " 100 Records That Set The World On Fire (While No One Was Listening ) ".