RusVelo is a Russian cycling team based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The team was in the year of its foundation in 2012 a license as a Professional Continental team. For 2012, the license was applied for initially refused but granted on January 9, 2013.

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Team manager Heiko Salzwedel was first, which was supported by the team managers Oleg Grischkin, Egon van Kessel, Henk Vogels and Vyacheslav Ekimov, the coach Andreas Lang and the former head of the team Wiesenhof Raphael Schweda in a Management function. After Hans -Michael Holczer was replaced as manager at also Russian Katyusha team, even Salzwedel was replaced by the former Russian professional Renat Khamidulin at RusVelo on October 1, 2012, and the team received a national management.

In part, it is assumed the team that it would maintain close relations with the Katusha team, whereas the former team manager Salzwedel indicating that both projects in the organization and financing are completely independent. However, the RusVelo teams are according to the Internet service cycling part of the Russian Cycling Federation initiated Russian Global Cycling Project, to which also the Katusha team counts. Sponsors of the RusVelo teams are the Novikombank, Gazprombank, Sberbank and the pipeline company Transneft. Gazprombank, a subsidiary of Gazprom, one of the main sponsors of the Katyusha team.

In addition, a track team is registered as a UCI track team with the UCI under the name RusVelo. This corresponds to the entity specified by Salzwedel intention of the project, which focuses primarily on former and current track riders in top class as the main objectives of the 2012 season stating a successful performance of the driver at the track world championships, the Olympic cycling competitions and the team time trial of the Road World Championships.

Part of the project RusVelo also an eponymous women's team, which is registered as UCI Women 's Team. As prominent drivers for this team Kupfernagel and Olga Sabelinskaja were presented.


In 2013 the team the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Credible joined ( MPCC ). After the three drivers Andrei Solomennikow, Roman Maikin and Artem Ovechkin tested positive after the Russian Championships in late June 2013, the doping agent fenoterol, the team stated that it no longer participates in accordance with the commitment of the MPCC teams for four weeks on racing. Previously, the team member Valeri Kaikow was tested for the banned substance GW501516 in March 2013 already. The former Team Manager Salzwedel led these four doping cases in one season back to it that the new management had no impact on the driver.

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