Sberbank of Russia


  • German Gref, Chairman of the Board
  • Sergei M. Ignatiev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Sberbank (Russian ОАО Сбербанк России / OAO Sberbank Rossii to German: Savings Bank) is a banking institution in Russia, headquartered in Moscow. The company is listed on the RTS index.

Structural data

Sberbank is the largest bank in Eastern Europe and has 250 million retail customers ( retail customers ) and 1.3 million business customers. The bank was 1841 ( кассы Russian Сберегательные / Sberegatelnyje kassy ) as a network of savings banks founded. In 1988 it was renamed the Sberbank. It has about 18,800 branches and 241,000 employees (as of 2011) and is in retail banking and business customers the leading bank in Russia.

According to the company she kept (as of 2011 ) market share of 48 % of deposits and 32% in loans to private customers, 31 % of loans for business customers and holds 27% of the total assets of the Russian banking sector. After the core capital, the bank is ranked 38 in the world rankings ( 2009).

Joint-stock company

The Bank is a public limited company. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation owns 60.57 % of the shares, other institutional investors hold 25.7 %. 13.73 % of the shares are owned by non- institutional investors and private investors (as of 2004).

Chairman of the Board since November 2007, the former Russian Economics Minister German Gref.

In 2009, Sberbank, according to Russian Accounting Standards ( RAS) a surplus of 36.2 billion rubles ( 850 million euros ) -. Around 60 percent less than in 2008 in the fourth quarter of 2009, a surplus of 27.1 billion rubles had been reached.


2009 planned Sberbank, together with the Canadian-Austrian auto supplier Magna International in the car manufacturer Opel to take over a majority stake ( participation rates: 35% of Sberbank, Magna 20%). However, revised GM, the parent company of Opel, the beginning of November its intention to sell and decided to renovate the subsidiary itself.

Sberbank demands of GM reimbursement of the costs it incurred during the purchase negotiations. Board Gref announced a court action if GM does not want to pay.

Sberbank Europe AG Vienna

In February 2012, Sberbank bought by the Austrian Volksbank AG, Vienna, whose Eastern Europe Holding and the majority of the subsidiary banks. In November 2012, the renaming of the Bank Group was in Sberbank Europe AG. The banking network consists of nine universal banks with a total of nearly 300 stores in eight Central and Eastern European countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine. Chairman Siegfried Wolf.

Deniz Bank

Sberbank bought on 8 June 2012 the Turkish Deniz Bank of Dexia NV / SA. The purchase price amounted to 6.47 billion Turkish Lira or 2.79 billion euros.