Ryszard Wolny

Ryszard Marcin Wolny ( born March 24, 1969 in Racibórz, Silesia) is a Polish wrestler. In 1996 he became Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in lightweight.


Ryszard Wolny grew up in his hometown Racibórz and graduated from a technical school from which he graduated in 1990 as a mechanic. Later he attended in Gorzów Wielkopolski a branch of the Sport University Poznan, where he made an apprenticeship as a physical education teacher, specializing in rings.

With the rings he began in 1980 and has therefore been a member of the sports club MKZ Unia ( Union) Racibórz. This club he belonged continuously until his career end in 2005. In Racibórz he was coached by Bogdan Merkiel and Aleksander Zajaczkowski. In the Polish national team later Stanisław Krzesiński, Peter Starczynski, Andrzej Supron and Ryszard Świerad were added as a coach. As an adult, he started at a size of 1.70 meters, first bantamweight, but quickly grew into the featherweight and the lightweight. Ryszard Wolny is very well known in the German Ringer circles because when VfK Schiffer city and at KSK Konkordia Neuss he wrestled from 1990 to 2005 at KSV Germania Aalen, in the German Bundesliga and thus earned his livelihood. He struggled only in the Greco- Roman style.

After he became Polish Junior Champion bantamweight in 1987, he began his international career wrestler this year at the Junior European Championship ( Juniors) in Katowice. He started with a title win, because he was with a victory in the final over from Finland Petteri Meskanen European junior champion. This title he could add in Wałbrzych the Junior European Championship title in the age group espoir ( to age 20 ) in 1988. Again bantamweight defeating fight for victory Kamu Ambartsumjan from the USSR. He left in 1989 this item then follow the European title in the senior featherweight at the European Championships in Oulu. In the final, he defeated the Hungarians here Jozsef Szuromski. He then fought his way at the Junior World Championship 1989 ( espoir ) in Budapest behind Sawko Savov, Bulgaria and Juan Luis Maren Delis from Cuba to 3rd place. He took 1989 also at the the Senior World Championships in Martigny / Switzerland part. He left there but after the 3rd round from where its exact placement, which was not in the top 10, not recorded as being (see journal The Ringer, No. 9/89, page 4).

Two bronze medals Ryszard Wolny won at the international championships in 1990. At the European Championships in Poznan, he finished behind Gennadi Atmakin from the USSR and Jeno Bodi from Hungary and at the World Championships in Rome - Ostia behind Mario Olivera from Cuba and Gennadi Atmakin each in featherweight each 3rd place.

Then he could win no more medals at the World and European Championships until 1994. Although he attained at five international championships this year four times the places 4 or 5, but difference always before reaching the battle for the medals mostly against Islam Duguschijew from Russia, Ghani Yalouz from France or Attila Repka of Hungary. In 1995, he was then in Besancon lightweight European vice-champion. The final battle he lost it against Ghani Yalouz. At the World Championships this year in Prague, he landed after a semi-final defeat against Rustam Adschi from Ukraine ( 0-5 points) and one defeat in the battle for the bronze medal against Jannis Zamanduridis from Germany ( 3:4 points) back on the thankless 4. Place.

At the 1996 European Championships in Budapest disappointed Ryszard Wolny, because it only came in 12th place there and so missed the qualification standards for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. But he was lucky because he got to participate in these games from the International Wrestling Federation Fila a wild card. In Atlanta, he presented himself as the entire Polish team in an excellent form. He defeated Attila Repka there ( 6-1 points), Liubal Colas Oris, Cuba ( 6-0 points), Grigori Puljajew, Uzbekistan ( 3-0 points) and Ghani Yalouz ( 7-0 points), winning with a ratio of 22:1 points the Olympic gold medal. Besides it won in Atlanta from his Polish teammate also Wlodzimierz Zawadzki and Andrzej Wronski gold medals in Greco- Roman style.

Then in the following years he could not go on this big success. At the World Cup 1997 in Wrocław, he retired after a defeat against Roustam Adchi from an early stage and only came on the 10th Place. Better he cut in from the 1998 World Cup in Gaevle, where he finished in 6th place. In 1999, he then won at the European Championships in Sofia again a silver medal. He defeated in the semifinals while Adam Juretzko from Germany convincingly on points ( 7-0 ) to lose in the final against Alexei Glushkov from Russia as clear ( 0:9 points).

At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, he lost his first fight against Alexei Glushkov on points and could thereafter despite two victories over Roustam Adchi and Vladimir Kopytow from Belarus only reach the 7th Place. In the years 2001 and 2002, Ryszard Wolny participated in any international championships. But in 2003 he ventured a comeback. He competed at the World Championships in Creteil and came there with victories over Mohammed Bargnaoui from Tunisia and Mchitar Manukjan from Kazakhstan and one defeat against Manuchar Kwirkwelia from Georgia on the 12th Place. In two tournaments, he succeeded in 2004, by now 35 years old to qualify for the fourth time to participate in the Olympic Games. In Athens, he could not do anything more at lightweight against his much younger opponent and defeated by Farid Mansurov from Azerbaijan and against Juan Luis Maren Delis from Cuba on points and therefore finished only 17th place.

Then he ended his international and in 2005 its national Ringer career. In the years 2006 and 2010 he was elected to the City Council Racibórz, where he still lives. Since 2007 he is also coach of the wrestler in the Greco-Roman style of the Polish national team.

International success

Polish Championships

Ryszard Wolny won a total of ten times the Polish league titles ( bantam, feather and lightweight ).


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  • OS = The Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =
  • Bantamweight until 1996-58 kg featherweight until 1996-62 kg lightweight, and 1996 up to 68kg from 1997 to 2001-69 kg, and since 2002-66 kg body weight


  • Journal The wrestler * database of the Institute for Applied Training Science at the University of Leipzig
  • Website of the Polish Association Ringer
  • Website of the Olympic Committee of Poland


Profile of Ryszard Wolny at the Institute for Applied Training Science

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