The district Saalfeld- Rudolstadt is a district in the south of the Free State of Thuringia. Despite its geographic location in the south of the state, the county belongs to the eastern Thuringia planning region.

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Neighboring districts are in the north of the county Weimar area, in the northeast of the Saale- wood Country Circle, east of the Saale- Orla-Kreis, in the south of the Bavarian district of Kronach and the Thuringian district of Sonneberg, in the southwest of the district of Hildburghausen and west of the Ilm- circle. The district Saalfeld- Rudolstadt is crossed by the River Saale and is located in the Thuringian Slate Mountains.


The district Saalfeld- Rudolstadt was founded in 1994, when - with the first name Schwarza Circle - the counties Rudolstadt and Saalfeld were pooled. This had emerged from the same district administration offices, which were renamed in 1922 counties. Added to this was the northern part of the 1952 founded circle Neuhaus am Rennweg.

Population Development

Development of the Population:

  • 2000: 132 885
  • 2001: 131 015
  • 2002: 129 610
  • 2003: 127 910
  • 2004: 126 692
  • 2005: 125 087
  • 2006: 123 516
  • 2007: 121 542
  • 2008: 119 817
  • 2009: 118 303
  • 2010: 116 818
  • 2011: 115 722
  • 2012: 111 463



District on July 1, 2012, the non-party Hartmut Holzhey. In the district election on April 22, 2012, he received 59 % of votes. He thus replaced the previous incumbent Marion Philipp (SPD ), which came to 41% of the vote. Other candidates did not exist.


The 50 seats on the council are distributed as follows among the individual parties:

(As at municipal election on June 7, 2009)

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 16 January 1995 by the Thuringian State Office of Administration.

Blazon: " em; Field 1 and 4: in gold a black, golden nimbierter, red reinforced double-headed eagle, the breast topped with a golden shield with a ducal crown, over the eagle heads floating an imperial crown with red caps, a golden scepter and a golden orb holding in its claws, including a red stray fork over a red comb; Field 2 and 3: nine times shared by black and gold, topped with a diagonally right, green diamond ring. "

An overview of the coat of arms of cities and villages of the district can be found in the list of the coat of arms in the district Saalfeld- Rudolstadt.

Economy and infrastructure


With the station in Saalfeld / Saale, the county has a national rail hub. The ICE hold on the long-distance Berlin-Munich is connected to the secondary routes to Erfurt, Gera and Blankenstein (Saale ). The Oberweißbacher mountain and Schwarzatal train runs one of the first operated as a profit center railways Deutsche Bahn in the southwestern district area. Due to the construction of the high-speed line Nuremberg -Erfurt threatens Saalfeld, Jena as well, the loss of the ICE budget. In this regard, call the local politicians improvements and was protective commitments that are not just for Saalfeld- Rudolstadt but for the Saale track of particular importance. The importance Saarfeld as railway junction has grown historically. Not far from Saalfeld in Probstzella the path distance to Berlin and Munich each 300 km.

The district is crossed by the federal road 85, 88, 90 and 281. In the respective neighboring districts extend north, the A 4, in the east the A 9, A 71 in the west and to the south the A 73 With regard to the access to the motorways sees the circle still need to catch up. So the distance to the highways almost identical and the region and its importance is too far. Although several bypasses to federal motor roads bring relief, a more direct access to the motorways, the region would significantly improve.

On the Hohenwarte dam in the southeast of the district waterway is operated. Several passenger ships offer trips on the reservoir. In addition, the mill ferry allows translating people with car and motorcycle from one side of the dam to the other. The northern pier of the ferry mill is situated in Saale- Orla-Kreis. The ferry does not operate all year round.


In the catchment area of ​​the district, the Ostthüringer newspaper ( OTZ) is mainly distributed. The OTZ maintains two local teams in Saalfeld and Rudolstadt. Furthermore, three free ad papers are distributed.

In the cities Saalfeld and Rudolstadt there is ever a cable television providers that send in addition to local advertising to a limited extent short articles and reports as a moving image.

In Saalfeld itself is the seat of a regional studios of the Central German Radio (MDR ) and the seat of the community radio SRB. During the MDR at least supplied almost entirely covered the county with his terrestrial radio range, the SRB can not fully reach the county. Here, the local politicians and the administration seek a significant improvement in the supply of the area circle, this being connected due to the topographical position with difficulty.

Cities and Towns

(Population at 31 December 2012)



Management Communities (*) Office of the Management Community

  • 2 Lichtetal am Rennsteig ( 4148 )
  • 3 Mean Schwarzatal ( 5953 )
  • 4 Slate Mountains ( 7158 )

Regarding the terms " administrative community " or " community -fulfilling " see administrative community in Thuringia.

Territorial changes


  • Resolution of the city and the community Königsee Rottenbach - Education of the City Königsee Rottenbach ( 31 December 2012)
  • Repeal of the independence of the city Grafenthal - inclusion in the administrative community Probstzella - Lehesten - Marktgölitz, which will be renamed administrative community Slate Mountains. (31 December 2013)