STS -63 (English Space Transportation System) is a mission name for the U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery ( OV -103 ) from NASA. The launch took place on 3 February 1995. It was the 67th Space Shuttle mission and the 20th flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery.


Home team

  • James Wetherbee ( third space flight), Commander
  • Eileen Collins ( first space flight), pilot
  • Michael Foale ( third space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Janice Voss ( second space flight ), Mission Specialist
  • Bernard Harris, ( second space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Vladimir Titov ( third space flight), Mission Specialist (Russia)


  • Sergei Titov Krikaljow for

Mission overview

STS -63 led the first rendezvous of a space shuttle ( with Collins for the first time by a woman pilot controlled) by the Russian station Mir, which was occupied at this time with Alexander Viktorenko, Valeri Vladimirovich Polyakov and Yelena Kondakova. The Discovery I came within eleven meters, held this position a quarter of an hour, and then withdrew to a distance of 122 meters. In the further course of the mission began cosmonaut Titov platform SPARTAN 204 (MET 04/ 06: 50) and caught it again ( MET 06/ 06: 11). In addition, both mission specialists Bernard Harris and Mike Foale left the space shuttle for a four and a half hour spacewalk to test the newly designed space suit (in terms of thermal insulation). They also collected experience in the handling of heavy masses in space ( SPARTAN- satellite).