STS -41 -G (English Space Transportation System) is a mission name for the U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger ( OV -99) NASA. The launch took place on 5 October 1984. It was the 13th Space Shuttle mission and the sixth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger. On this mission the first time flew seven people in a spacecraft.


  • Robert Crippen (4th space flight ), commander of United States
  • Jon McBride ( first space flight), Pilot United States
  • Kathryn Sullivan ( first space flight ), Mission Specialist United States
  • Sally Ride ( second space flight ), Mission Specialist United States
  • David Leestma ( first space flight), Mission Specialist United States
  • Marc Garneau ( first space flight), Payload Specialist (CSA ) Canada
  • Paul Scully -Power (1st space flight), Payload Specialist United States

Backup crew

Originally Robert Stevenson had provided as a second payload specialist. However, he came out because of the illness of his wife out of the team and was replaced by Scully - Power.

Mission overview

On this flight for the first time took part in two female astronauts, said Sullivan also was the first American woman a spacewalk (EVA ) conducted. In addition to the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite, a majority were carried by experiments.