STS -104 (English Space Transportation System) is the designation for a flight mission of the U.S. Space Shuttle Atlantis ( OV -104 ) from NASA. The launch took place on 12 July 2001. It was the 105th Space Shuttle mission, the 24th flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the 10th flight of a shuttle to the International Space Station (ISS).


  • Steven Lindsey ( third space flight), Commander
  • Charles Hobaugh ( first space flight), Pilot
  • Michael Gernhardt (4th space flight), Mission Specialist
  • James Reilly ( second space flight), Mission Specialist
  • Janet Kavandi ( third space flight ), Mission Specialist

Mission overview

The highest priority was on that flight the delivery and installation of a baptized in the name of Quest airlock. In order to move the mass of the system of 6.5 tonnes sure the supplied with the STS -100 robotic arm Canadarm2 was needed. The quest consists of 2 separate locks. One internal, can be stored and applied in which material and the space suits. Thereof, separated by a further hatch, the outer sheath in which the pressure equalization is performed, and the astronaut reaches the outside. The new air lock the crew of the ISS could now also perform EVAs, without having to rely on the hatch of a shuttle.

With this piece of equipment phase 2 of the construction of the ISS was completed. Overall, the Atlantis remained eight days connected with the ISS, where three EVAs were conducted.