Expedition 30

ISS Expedition 30 mission is the designation for the 30 long-term crew of the International Space Station ( ISS). The mission began with the uncoupling of the spaceship Soyuz TMA- 02M from the ISS on November 21, 2011 23:00 UTC. The end was marked by the uncoupling of Soyuz TMA -22 on April 27, 2012 8:18 UTC.


  • Daniel Christopher Burbank ( third space flight), Commander (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA -22)
  • Anton Nikolaevich Shkaplerov ( first space flight), flight engineer ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -22)
  • Anatoly Alexeyevich Ivanishin ( first space flight), flight engineer ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -22)

Additionally, as of December 23, 2011:

  • Oleg Dmitrievich Kononenko ( 2nd space flight), flight engineer, (Russia, Roskosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA- 03M )
  • André Kuipers ( second space flight ), flight engineer, (The Netherlands, ESA) ( Soyuz TMA- 03M )
  • Donald Roy Pettit ( third space flight), flight engineer, ( USA, NASA) ( Soyuz TMA- 03M )

After undocking of Soyuz TMA -22, Soyuz the last of the old version with Burbank, Shkaplerov and Ivanishin, Kononenko took command and formed by Kuipers and Pettit, the initial crew of the ISS Expedition 31

Backup crew

The backup crew of ISS Expedition recruited from the backup crews of the Soyuz shuttle respective spaceships ( see there). If everything is going according to plan, these teams two Soyuz missions and thus two ISS expeditions are then usually later for regular use.

Mission History

In January 2012, the crew received the Progress M- 14M space freighter, in March followed by the European ATV -3 " Edoardo Amaldi " and in April Progress M- 15M. Oleg Kononenko and Anton Shkaplerov led on 16 February by a spacewalk to prepare for the undocking of the airlock Pirs module in the summer of 2013. Here, a Strela crane have been implemented and experiments with materials assembled or salvaged.

Originally, the expedition was 30 on 16 March 2012. However, the re-entry capsule of the Soyuz TMA- 04M spacecraft was seriously damaged with the tightness test in Energia plant Korolev. It was decided to discard the entire spaceship and accelerate the refurbishment of the actually provided for Soyuz TMA- 05M spacecraft. Thus, the launch of Soyuz TMA- 04M is shifted to 15 May 2012 the Expedition 30 has been extended until April 27.

On 24 March 2012, the six astronauts had to leave the station and as a precaution retreat to the docked Soyuz spaceships. The day before was a piece of space debris, the ISS came close to threatening, have been discovered. It was a piece of debris of the communications satellite Cosmos 2251, which had originated in satellite collision on 10 February 2009. A maneuver to avoid the ISS it was too late, so that the evacuation was prepared so that the astronauts could, if necessary, return to Earth. However, the wreckage was passing at a distance of 11 km at the ISS, so that the crew could return to the station again.