Expedition 44

ISS Expedition 44 mission is the designation for the 44 long-term crew of the International Space Station ( ISS). The mission begins with the undocking of Soyuz TMA -15M spacecraft from the ISS expected in May 2015. Completion is expected to be marked by the uncoupling of Soyuz TMA -16M in October 2015.

Team (planned)

  • Gennady Ivanovich Padalka ( fifth space flight ), Commander, ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -16M )
  • Mikhail Borisovich Korniyenko ( second space flight), flight engineer, ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -18M TMA-16M/Sojus )
  • Scott Joseph Kelly ( fourth space flight), flight engineer, (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA -18M TMA-16M/Sojus )

In addition, from 30 May 2015:

  • Oleg Dmitrievich Kononenko ( third space flight), flight engineer, ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA- 17M )
  • Kimiya Yui ( first space flight), flight engineer, ( Japan / JAXA ) ( Soyuz TMA- 17M )
  • Kjell Lindgren ( first space flight), flight engineer, (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA- 17M )

While normally an ISS mission after undocking a Soyuz is run for short periods of three, the order in this case is reversed. Up to the undocking of Soyuz TMA -16M and the end of this mission so these guests will also be on board the ISS:

  • Sergei Alexandrovich Volkov ( third space flight ), ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -18M )
  • Andreas Mogensen ( first space flight ) (Denmark / ESA ) ( Soyuz TMA -16M TMA-18M/Sojus )
  • Sarah Brightman ( first space flight), space tourist, ( England / Space Adventures ) ( Soyuz TMA -16M TMA-18M/Sojus )

After undocking of Soyuz TMA -16M with Padalka, Mogensen and Brightman Kelly takes command and forms Korniyenko, Kononenko, Yui and Lindgren and Volkov, the crew of ISS Expedition 45

On September 6, 2013 it was announced that the originally nominated commander Yuri Lonchakov has terminated at Roskosmos and changes due to financial reasons with the Russian gas giant Gazprom. With Gennady Padalka one of the most experienced cosmonauts Roskosmos ' as a replacement was appointed.

Backup crew

The backup crew of ISS Expedition recruited from the backup crews of the Soyuz shuttle respective spaceships ( see there). If everything is going according to plan, these teams two Soyuz missions and thus two ISS expeditions are then usually later for regular use.

Mission Description

For the first time the operating time of crew members with Mikhail Korniyenko and Scott Kelly will be extended to one year in order to study the effects of prolonged weightlessness better in terms of a manned Mars flight to the ISS. In the resulting two free seats in the Soyuz TMA -18M cosmonaut Sergei Volkov brings the ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen and space tourist Sarah Brightman to the ISS. The two complete a short-term mission and return with Soyuz TMA -16M with Padalka back to Earth.