Expedition 41

ISS Expedition 41 mission is the designation for the 41 long-term crew of the International Space Station ( ISS). The mission begins with the undocking of Soyuz TMA -12M spacecraft from the ISS is expected in September 2014. Completion is expected to be marked by the uncoupling of Soyuz TMA- 13M in November 2014.

Team (planned)

  • Maxim Viktorovich Surajew ( second space flight), Commander, ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA- 13M )
  • Gregory Reid Wiseman (1st space flight), flight engineer, (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA- 13M )
  • Alexander Gerst ( first space flight), flight engineer, ( Germany / ESA ) ( Soyuz TMA- 13M )

Additionally, as of September 30, 2014:

  • Alexander Mikhailovich Samokutjajew ( second space flight), flight engineer, ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA- 14M )
  • Yelena Serova Olegovna ( first space flight ), aircraft engineer, ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA- 14M )
  • Eugene Barry Wilmore ( second space flight ), flight engineer, (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA- 14M )

The on-board engineer Jelena Serova is the first Russian cosmonaut to fly to the ISS, the second Russian woman after Yelena Kondakova with a long-term mission and the fourth with a space flight (after Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Sawizkaja and Yelena Kondakova ). After undocking of Soyuz TMA- 13M with Surajew, Wiseman and Gerst Wilmore takes command and forms Samokutjajew Serova and the initial crew of the ISS Expedition 42

Backup crew

The backup crew of ISS Expedition recruited from the backup crews of the Soyuz shuttle respective spaceships ( see there). If everything is going according to plan, these teams two Soyuz missions and thus two ISS expeditions are then usually later for regular use.