Expedition 28

ISS Expedition 28 mission is the designation for the 28 long-term crew of the International Space Station ( ISS). The mission began with the uncoupling of the spaceship Soyuz TMA -20 from the ISS 23 May 2011 21:35 UTC. The end was marked by the uncoupling of Soyuz TMA -21 on 16 September 2011, at 00:38 UTC.


  • Andrei Ivanovich Borisenko ( first space flight), Commander ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -21)
  • Alexander Mikhailovich Samokutajew ( first space flight), flight engineer ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA -21)
  • John Ronald Garan ( second space flight), flight engineer (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA -21)

In addition, as of 10 June 2011:

  • Sergei Alexandrovich Volkov ( second space flight), flight engineer ( Russia / Roscosmos ) ( Soyuz TMA- 02M )
  • Michael Edward Fossum ( third space flight), flight engineer (USA / NASA) ( Soyuz TMA- 02M )
  • Satoshi Furukawa ( first space flight), flight engineer ( Japan / JAXA ) ( Soyuz TMA- 02M )

After the departure of Borisenko, Garan and Fossum Samokutajew took command and formed with Volkov and Furukawa, the initial crew of the ISS Expedition 29

Backup crew

The backup crew of ISS Expedition recruited from the backup crews of the Soyuz shuttle respective spaceships ( see there). If everything is going according to plan, these teams two Soyuz missions and thus two ISS expeditions are then usually later for regular use.

Mission History

On 28 June 2011, the ground station discovered a previously unknown piece of space junk that came dangerously close to the ISS. Since warning was too short as usual to correct the orbit of the ISS, the six astronauts went to their security in the two Soyuz spaceships. Previously, she had the hatches between the ISS modules closed and the ISS switched to unmanned operation. After the piece of debris had passed within 250 meters of the space station, the crew was able to go back on board the ISS.