Soyuz TMA-11M

Soyuz TMA -11M is a mission name for the flight of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station. In the course of the ISS program of flight is called ISS AF - 37S. It is the 37th visit of a Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS and the 143rd flight in Sojusprogramm.


Main occupation

  • Mikhail Tyurin Vladislavovich ( third space flight), Commander, ( Russia / Roskosmos )
  • Richard Alan Mastracchio (4th space flight), flight engineer, (USA / NASA)
  • Koichi Wakata (4th space flight), flight engineer, ( Japan / JAXA )

Backup crew

  • Maxim Viktorovich Surajew ( second space flight), Commander, ( Russia / Roskosmos )
  • Gregory Reid Wiseman (1st space flight), flight engineer, (USA / NASA)
  • Alexander Gerst ( first space flight), flight engineer, ( Germany / ESA )

Mission Description

As usual, since Soyuz TMA- 08M, the spacecraft approached in only six hours of the ISS and docked at 10:27 UTC on Mini Research Module Rassvet on. Also on board was the torch carrying the Olympic flame was lit on February 7, 2014 in Sochi. Thus, the torch was (still without fire) be brought back in time to Earth, launched Soyuz TMA -11M still while Soyuz TMA- 09M was at the ISS. This three Soyuz spaceships were for the first time since October 2009, again at the same time on the ISS.

Soyuz TMA -11M launched three crew members to the ISS, which together with the crew of Soyuz TMA -10M to ISS Expedition formed after the departure of Soyuz TMA- 09M 38.