Soyuz TM-8

Soyuz TM-8 is the mission name for the flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the Soviet space station Mir. It was the eighth visit of the Soyuz spacecraft with the Mir space station and the 84th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm.


Start crew

  • Alexander Stepanovich Viktorenko ( second space flight), Commander
  • Alexander Alexandrovich Serebrov ( third space flight), flight engineer

Backup crew

  • Anatoli Yakovlevich Solovyov, commander
  • Alexander Nikolayevich Balandin, Flight Engineer

Mission overview

After docking by hand to the Mir space station (automatic failed ), this put back into operation. In addition to scientific experiments and maintenance were of the fifth crew made ​​and renewed some technical systems. The research program included investigations in the areas of earth science, astronomy, space technology, materials science, biology, medicine, ecology and atmospheric physics.

During the mission, the station was extended by another module. Kvant 2 was launched on 26 November and docked ten days later at the bow of Me. Another important item was extravehicular activities with a total duration of 17 hours and 36 minutes to the expansion of the station and to test the autonomous Manövriergerätes SKP ( ICAR ). This is a 32 thrusters and 7 kg of nitrogen equipped as a fuel free flight device to reach a speed of up to 20 km / h relative to the station. With it, the cosmonauts will in future be able to move freely flying experimental platforms without having to use a spaceship that. Supply came with the transport spacecraft Progress M1 and M2. At the end of the mission was handed over to the successor occupation.

Data of the five spacewalks of Viktorenko and Serebrov during the mission Soyuz TM-8: January 8 2:56 assembling two star sensors as navigation aids January 11 2:54 Installation of equipment and test materials January 26 3:02 Installation of equipment and a platform for the use of the SKP February 1 4:59 First test the free-flight unit SKP, exit through the hatch in the new module Kvant 2 February 5 3:45 Second test the free-flight unit SKP and inspection of the outer skin of the station; maximum distance from Me: 40 meters