Soyuz 35

Soyuz 35 is the mission name for the flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the Soviet space station Salyut 6 It was the ninth visit of a manned Soyuz spacecraft in this space station and the 56th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm after Soyuz T -1 as unmanned spacecraft had visited Saljutstation.


Start crew

  • Leonid Ivanovich Popov ( first space flight), Commander
  • Valeri Viktorovich Rjumin ( third space flight), flight engineer

Originally Valentin Lebedev was assigned as a flight engineer. Shortly before the start he was injured but jumping on the trampoline in the leg, so that he had to be replaced by Rjumin, who had spent the year before almost six months aboard the Salyut 6. Rjumin became the sixth cosmonaut who brought it on three space flights with this flight.

Backup crew

  • Vyacheslav Dmitrievich Sudow, Commander
  • Boris Andreyev Dimitrjewitsch, Flight Engineer

Return crew

  • Valeri Nikolayevich Kubasov ( third space flight), Commander
  • Bertalan Farkas ( first space flight), flight engineer (Hungary )

Mission overview

With Soyuz 35, the fourth core team launched ( Salyut 6 EO -4) to the scientific orbital station Salyut 6, at the at the time of the unmanned space freighter Progress was still 8 coupled. When the crew entered Salyut 6, noticed the Rjumin had lost their transparency, the two portholes of the transition section. In addition, many scratches were visible by micrometeorites and space debris.

The cosmonauts replaced components of the station controller and the life support system. You installed a new timer and warning system that synchronized the clocks with those in the control ( LEP ). In addition, a new 80 -kg battery was installed and replaced the air tank of Progress 8.

After almost two months of the exchange of spaceships was in order. The fifth short-term crew Salyut 6 EP-5 consisted of Valeri Kubasov and Bertalan Farkas (Hungary) and coupled on May 27, 1980 Soyuz 36 to Salyut 6. After a week of joint research Kubasov and Farkas boarded the old Soyuz 35, and returned with it to the earth.