Soyuz TM-12

Soyuz TM -12 mission is the designation for the flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the Soviet space station Mir. It was the twelfth visit to a Soyuz spacecraft with the Mir space station and the 88th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm.


Start crew

  • Anatoli Pavlovich Artsebarsky ( first space flight ), Commander
  • Sergei Konstantinovich Krikaljow ( second space flight), flight engineer
  • Helen Patricia Sharman ( first space flight), Wissenschaftskosmonautin (United Kingdom United Kingdom)

Backup crew

  • Alexander Alexandrovich Volkov, commander
  • Alexander Jurjewitsch Kaleri, Flight Engineer
  • Timoti Kristian Charles Mace, Science cosmonaut (United Kingdom United Kingdom)

Return team

  • Anatoli Pavlovich Artsebarsky ( first space flight ), Commander
  • Toktar Ongarbajewitsch Aubakirow ( first space flight), flight engineer
  • Franz Viehböck ( first space flight ), science Cosmonaut ( Austria )

Mission overview

Artsebarsky and Krikaljow replaced the old crew, the British Sharman returned with this after one week of flight in the Mir space station to Earth. The price paid by UK companies Mission mainly included biological and chemical experiments. In addition, Helen Sharman gave a lesson that was transferred directly into British classrooms.

For the ninth crew in particular experiments were done to astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, space technology, materials science and medicine on the program. In addition, the cosmonauts carried out maintenance work and exchanged a number of apparatuses against new systems. Important were as their outboard work to repair an antenna of the approach system rate on Kvant module and installation of a 14 meter long foldable lattice tower of a novel titanium -nickel alloy for an additional control unit also on Kvant module. With a total of six exits the two cosmonauts worked 32 hours and 23 minutes in space. During their mission they were given supplies by the transport spacecraft Progress M -8 and M- ninth Sergei Krikaljow had six months longer than intended stay in space, because the next two planned missions for lack of funds were merged and thus only one member of the crew could be replaced.

Data of the six spacewalks of Artsebarsky and Krikaljow during the mission Soyuz TM -11: 24.06. 4:53 a replacement antenna 28.06. 3:24 repair of antenna for the convergence rate system, installation of a laser reflector and replacing devices 15:07. 5:45 Mounting a foldable platform 19:07. 5:28 Mounting a mast for a new drive unit for better position control of the orbital complex ( Sofora ) 23:07. 5:34 load test of Sofora - mast 27.07. 6:49 Another test of Sofora - mast