List of human spaceflights

This is a complete chronological list of manned space missions. It contains both orbital and suborbital flights.

Since 1961 there were a total of 304 manned space flights. Of these, 294 reached orbit. Two starts were suborbital flights as part of the Mercury program, five flights were carried out with rocket aircraft types X -15 and SpaceShipOne. It also found X -15 flights instead, which are regarded as space flights according to the U.S. Air Force, according to FAI is not, and therefore they are not listed here. Listed Moreover, the false starts of Soyuz 18-1, Soyuz T -10-1 and STS -51 -L, although in the last two the edge of space, which is set at 100 km altitude, was not exceeded.

Of the 128 listed flights were Soviet or Russian, 168 U.S. American, five Chinese and three non-governmental. The Soviet or Russian manned spaceships were occupied on average 2.5 people and the U.S. with 5.3 ( The high value comes from the fact that in the space shuttle fly up to eight people in the Soyuz spacecraft, however, only two one to three ). A total of four missions had a fatal outcome, while 18 crew members were killed ( four Soviet, 14 U.S. ).

As of March 25, 2014


** = False start = *** Deadly accident during the flight or landing

The crew column specifies the number of astronauts on this mission. If there are two numbers given, found a team rather than exchange with another ship or a space station. The first number indicates the number of space travelers at the start, the second is at the time of landing.





After 3644 days, no one is after landing at August 28, 1999 for the first time in space.


Columbia burned up on entering the atmosphere, all seven astronauts died.


Chipped, unfinished space programs

  • The U.S. nuclear-powered spaceships Project Orion Project
  • The U.S. military space plane X-20 Dyna Soar
  • The U.S. military space station MOL
  • The Soviet manned lunar program
  • The Chinese Shuguang spacecraft
  • The Soviet space shuttle spiral
  • The heavy shuttle spaceship for Salyut space stations TKS
  • The Soviet space shuttle Buran
  • Japanese spaceplane Hope X
  • The European space shuttle Hermes
  • The American Constellation program ( with the exception of the Orion spacecraft )
  • The Russian space shuttle Kliper