Soyuz 13

Soyuz 13 mission is the designation for the flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft. It was the 24th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm. After Soyuz 12 was performed with an unmanned test flight Kosmos 613.


Main occupation

  • Pyotr Ilyich Klimuk, ( first space flight ) commander
  • Valentin Lebedev Vitalyevich, ( first space flight ) Flight Engineer

Backup crew

  • Lev Vasilyevich Vorobyov, commander
  • Valery Alexandrovich Jasdowski, Flight Engineer

Originally Vorobyov and Jasdowski were provided as a team for this flight, but were replaced shortly before the start Klimuk and Lebedev. Allegedly Jasdowski had fallen out with Commander Vorobyov such that none of them flew.

The support team consisted of Vladimir Kovalyonok and Yuri Ponomarev.

Mission overview

The mission was manned testing of the second generation of Soyuz spaceships. In addition to the technological audit of all systems (manual and automatic control, autonomous navigation ) a series of experiments was carried out, which were started in Salyut 1:

  • Use of a wider Astro camera with film recording " Orion 2": opening 280 mm, focal length 1400 mm, Cassegrain system ( different spectral ranges 220-360 nm, ie, UV )
  • In the same mount a lens telescope was 70 mm x 450 mm mounted ( field 9 degrees). The complex should be aligned with an accuracy of 10 arc seconds.
  • The devices were also used for earth resources.
  • Biomedical experiments ( "Oasis 2")

There was no link provided for the spaceship, the camera at the location of the coupling connecting piece was mounted in the modified orbital section. For the power supply, there were solar panels.

This flight took place in parallel to the long-term test of the Soyuz spacecraft with Kosmos 613.