Soyuz TM-3

Soyuz TM -3 is the mission name for the flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the Soviet space station Mir. It was the third visit by a Soyuz spacecraft with the Mir space station and the 79th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm.


Start crew

  • Alexander Stepanovich Viktorenko ( first space flight), Commander
  • Alexander Pavlovich Aleksandrov ( second space flight), flight engineer
  • Muhammed Ahmed Faris ( 1 Space ) Research Cosmonaut ( Syria Syria)

Backup crew

  • Anatoli Yakovlevich Solovyov, commander
  • Viktor Petrovich Savinykh, Flight Engineer
  • Munir Habib Habib, research cosmonaut (Syria Syria)

Return crew

  • Yuri Viktorovich Romanenko ( third space flight), Commander
  • Alexander Pavlovich Aleksandrov ( first space flight ), flight engineer
  • Anatoly Semenovich Levchenko ( first space flight ), flight engineer

Mission overview

On board the Mir space station, extensive experiments for remote sensing of Syria were carried out. These included in particular the investigation of potential mineral deposits, checking artificial water reservoirs, determining the silting of drains, water quality and the condition of forests and agricultural land (Experiment Euphrates ). Further investigations concerned the blood circulation in the body and the study of processes in the upper atmosphere. Alexander Alexandrov then joined the crew due to health problems by Alexander Lawejkin. Viktorenko, Lawejkin and Faris returned with Soyuz TM-2 back to Earth.