List of human spaceflights to Mir

This is the list of manned missions to the Mir space station. I was a very successful Soviet and Russian space station, which was launched on February 19, 1986 and decelerated specifically on 23 March 2001 and burned up in Earth's atmosphere. It consisted of numerous individual modules, which were assembled in orbit. The duration of the individual crews ranged from about one week to 14- month flight of Valeri Polyakov January 1994 to March 1995. Polyakov This still holds the record for the longest stay in space.

Many of the crews who visited the Mir, use different spaceships to start and landing; the first example is Alexander Viktorenko and Muhammed Faris, who started on 22 July 1987 Soyuz TM -3 and landed a week later on 30 July 1987 Soyuz TM -2. The largest occupation (excluding the Space Shuttle NASA missions received) consisted of six astronauts. This happened first with the coupling of Soyuz TM-7 on 26 November 1988 and continued three weeks.

Soviet Union Leonid Kizim (K ) Soviet Union Vladimir Solovyov (BI )

Soviet Union Yuri Romanenko (K )

Soviet Union Alexander Lawejkin (BI )

Soviet Union Alexander Alexandrov

Soviet Union Alexander Viktorenko Syria Muhammed Ahmed Faris

Soviet Union Vladimir Titov Soviet Union Mussa Manarov

Soviet Union Anatoly Levchenko

Soviet Union Anatoly Solovyov Soviet Union Viktor Savinykh Bulgaria 1971 Alexandar Alexandrov

Soviet Union Vladimir Liakhov Afghanistan Abdul Ahad Mohmand Democratic Republic in 1987

Soviet Union Valery Polyakov

Soviet Union Alexander Volkov Soviet Union Sergei Krikaljow

France Jean- Loup Chrétien

Soviet Union Alexander Viktorenko Soviet Union Alexander Serebrov

Soviet Union Anatoly Solovyov Soviet Union Alexander Balandin

Soviet Union Gennadi Manakov Soviet Union Gennady Strekalow

Soviet Union Viktor Afanasyev Soviet Union Mussa Manarov

Japan Toyohiro Akiyama

Soviet Union / Russia in 1991 Sergei Krikaljow

Soviet Union Anatoly Artsebarsky

Soviet Union / Russia 1991 Alexander Volkov

Kazakhstan Toqtar Äubäkirow Austria Franz Viehböck

Russia 1991 Alexander Viktorenko Russia 1991 Alexander Kaleri

Germany Klaus- Dietrich Flade

Russia Anatoly Solovyov 1991 Russia Sergei Avdeev 1991

France Michel Tognini

Russia Gennadi Manakov 1991 Russia 1991 Alexander Polestschuk

France Jean -Pierre Haigneré

Russia Vasily Ziblijew Russia Alexander Serebrov

Russia Viktor Afanasyev Russia Yuri Usachyov

Russia Valeri Polyakov

Russia Yuri Malenchenko (K ) Kazakhstan Talghat Musabayev (BI )

Russia Alexander Viktorenko Russia Yelena Kondakova

Germany Ulf Merbold

Russia Vladimir Dezhurov Russia Gennady Strekalow United States Norman Thagard

United States Robert Gibson United States Charles Precourt United States Ellen Baker United States Bonnie Dunbar United States Gregory Harbaugh

Russia Anatoly Solovyov Russia Nikolai Budarin

Russia Yuri Gidzenko Russia Sergei Avdeev Germany Thomas Reiter

United States Kenneth Cameron United States James Halsell United States Jerry Ross United States William McArthur Canada Chris Hadfield

Russia Yuri Onufrienko Russia Yuri Usachyov

United States Kevin Chilton United States Richard Searfoss United States Linda Godwin United States Michael Clifford United States Ronald Sega

United States Shannon Lucid

Russia Valery Korzun Russia Alexander Kaleri

France Claudie Haigneré

United States William Readdy United States Terrence Wilcutt United States Thomas Akers United States Jerome Apt United States Carl Walz

United States John Blaha

United States Michael Baker United States Brent Jett United States John Grunsfeld United States Marsha Ivins United States Peter Wisoff

United States Jerry Linenger

Russia Vasily Ziblijew Russia Alexander Lasutkin

Germany Reinhold Ewald

United States Charles Precourt United States Eileen Collins United States Carlos Noriega Edward Tsang Lu United States France Jean -François Clervoy Russia Yelena Kondakova

United States Michael Foale

Russia Anatoly Solovyov Russia Pavel Vinogradov

United States James Wetherbee United States Michael Bloomfield United States Scott Parazynski United States Wendy Lawrence France Jean- Loup Chrétien Russia Vladimir Titov

United States David Wolf

United States Terrence Wilcutt United States Joe Edwards United States Bonnie Dunbar United States Michael Anderson United States James Reilly Russia Salizhan Sharipov

United States Andrew Thomas

Kazakhstan Talghat Musabayev Russia Nikolai Budarin

France Léopold Eyharts

United States Charles Precourt United States Dominic Gorie United States Wendy Lawrence United States Franklin Chang- Diaz United States Janet Kavandi Russia Valeri Rjumin

Russia Gennady Padalka

Russia Sergei Avdeev

Russia Yuri Baturin

Russia Viktor Afanasyev France Jean -Pierre Haigneré

Slovakia Ivan Bella

Russia Sergei Saljotin (K ) Russia Alexander Kaleri (BI )

  • EO (Russian ЭО, Экспедиция Основная ) means core team
  • EP (Russian ЭП, Экспедиция Посещения ) means visiting team