Soyuz 34

Soyuz 34 mission is the designation for the flight of a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the Soviet space station Salyut 6 It was the eighth visit of a Soyuz spacecraft in this space station and the 54th flight in the Soviet Sojusprogramm.


Start crew

Start unmanned

Return crew

  • Vladimir Afanassjevitch Liakhov ( first space flight), Commander
  • Valeri Viktorovich Rjumin ( 2.Flug ), Flight Engineer

Mission overview

Soyuz 34 was sent to the unmanned station Salyut 6, since the scheduled lifetime of the spacecraft Soyuz 32 to the end approached and the exchange by the Soyuz 33 could not be performed due to the failure to de-coupling. The experiences from the engine damage to Soyuz 33 were taken into account where possible. The third Salyut -6 crew ( Salyut 6 EO -3 ) ended after 175 days with a new flight duration record the journey with a successful landing.