Soyuz TMA-17

Soyuz TMA -17 was a mission designation for the flight of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). As part of the ISS program, the flight was known as the ISS AF - 21S. It was the 21st visit to a Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS and the 127th flight in Sojusprogramm.


  • Oleg Kotov Valeryevich ( second space flight), Commander ( Roscosmos / Russia)
  • Soichi Noguchi ( second space flight), flight engineer ( JAXA / Japan)
  • Timothy John Creamer ( first space flight), flight engineer (NASA / USA)

Mission overview

Soyuz TMA -17 was launched on 20 December 2009, at 21:52 UTC from Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan and docked two days later with the ISS. The mission took three crew members of the ISS Expeditions 22 and 23 to the International Space Station, which was occupied at this time for three weeks with only two men. After arrival on board the ISS twice Christmas was celebrated ( even after Russian and once to Greenwich time), including Soyuz TMA -17 brought a plastic Christmas tree with the station. Until 18 March 2010, the Soyuz spacecraft served as second rescue capsule next Soyuz TMA- 16 for the grown to five people long-term occupation.

On June 2, 2010 at 12:04 UTC docked Soyuz TMA -17 with Kotov, Noguchi and Creamer on board again from the ISS from. Thus began at the ISS Expedition 24 with Alexander Skvortsov as commander. The landing of Soyuz TMA -17 took place at 03:25 UTC in the Kazakh steppe.