STS -41 -C (English Space Transportation System) is a mission name for the U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger ( OV -99) NASA. The launch took place on 6 April 1984. It was the eleventh Space Shuttle mission and the fifth flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger.


  • Robert Crippen ( third space flight), Commander
  • Francis Scobee ( first space flight), Pilot
  • Terry Hart ( first space flight), Mission Specialist
  • James van Hoften ( first space flight), Mission Specialist
  • George Nelson ( first space flight), Mission Specialist

Mission overview

One of the major highlights of the shuttle mission may have been right in the orbit of the satellite Solar Maximum Mission ( SMM) repair. With the Manned Maneuvering Units astronauts James van Hoften and George Nelson were able to satellite and exchange among others, the height control there. Problems in capturing the satellite led it to an additional mission in orbit, and landing at Edwards Air Force Base instead of Kennedy Space Center. The Long Duration Exposure Facility ( LDEF ) was treated with a total of 57 experiments exposed on board, so that a later shuttle mission this collecting again. The cinematic highlight of the mission was the IMAX camera that was located during the mission on board.

This mission was originally planned under the name STS -13. However, STS -41 -C was from Through the new numbering system for shuttle flights.