Syrianska IF Kerburan

The Syrianska Idrottsförening Kerburan is a Swedish football club based in Västerås.


The club was founded in 1977 under the name Kerburan of Aramaic originating from Turkey immigrants. First, the team played only in unterklassigen regional area of the Swedish league pyramid. 1993, gave the club its still valid name Syrianska IF Kerburan.

2002 Syrianska IF Kerburan runners- fünftklassigen Division 4 Västmanland. In the subsequent promotion round was the team winners and thus reached the fourth level of play. There, she established herself immediately in the front table area and managed to 2005 in third place Division 3 Östra Svealand to qualify for the Division 2 Norra Svealand fourth-rate. Having been in this league in 2007 behind IK Brage the runner had succeeded, the team reached the following year the relay victory and rose to the third-class Division 1. There they missed in the first two years of their league affiliation respectively in third place only just move up to the second-class Superettan.


Originally Wenströmska IP hosted the home matches of Syrianska IF Kerburan. After the team had risen to the third-class Division 1, it differs since the season of 2009 in the 7,044 courses offered Swedbank park.